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What is SQL Server interview questions?

What is SQL Server interview questions?

SQL Server Interview Questions

  • How to create a database in SQL Server? A database is an organized file of data.
  • What is SQL?
  • What is PL/SQL?
  • What is the difference between SQL and PL/SQL?
  • What is RDBMS?
  • What is a database table?
  • How do you create a table in SQL?
  • How to delete a table in SQL Server?

What is SQL DBA role and responsibility?

SQL Server DBA duties and responsibilities Manage SQL Server databases. Configure and maintain database servers and processes. Monitor system’s health and performance. Ensure high levels of performance, availability, sustainability and security. Analyze, solve, and correct issues in real time.

How do you trace the traffic hitting a SQL Server?

How do you trace the traffic hitting a SQL Server? Example: “You use SQL profiler to trace the traffic on the SQL Server instance. To narrow down the transactions that are captured, you can use a filter. The trace files can be searched, saved or even replayed to help with troubleshooting.”

What are the skills required for SQL DBA?

The eight most common skills based on SQL Database Administrator resumes in 2022.

  • Procedures, 12.0%
  • SQL, 9.2%
  • Database, 7.6%
  • Windows, 4.3%
  • Ssrs, 4.1%
  • T-Sql, 3.7%
  • Disaster Recovery, 3.4%
  • Other Skills, 55.7%

What is DCM in SQL Server?

The Differential Changed Map (DCM) is a bitmap pointer referenced by SQL Server to trace the modified pages since the last full backup. It is stored in DCM pages, one per GAM interval. A differential backup process will identify those pages with CHANGED status in the DCM.

How do I monitor queries in SQL Server?

To view Activity Monitor, the SQL Server login must have the VIEW SERVER STATE permission.

  1. Start SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. To open Activity Monitor: Right-click the SQL Server instance node and select Activity Monitor, or. Press Ctrl+Alt+A, or. Click the Activity Monitor icon in the menu.

How can I check SQL Server database response time?

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio comes with Activity Monitor, which can be used to monitor the database sessions. Look for sessions that are blocked by other sessions for long time. Right-click on the session and select “Details” to show the details of the query that is associated with the process.

What is difference between ODBC and OLE DB?

OLEDB is a Windows-only database API. It uses the Component Object Model (COM), which is unavailable on other platforms. Meanwhile, ODBC is supported on Windows, Linux, Mac, and UNIX. But both support 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

How many databases should a DBA support?

The average database-to-DBA ratio is often constrained by the total size of the databases being managed, which tends to be around five terabytes per DBA. In other words, one DBA can effectively manage 25 databases of 200 GB each or five 1 terabyte databases. And these include production and nonproduction databases.

What is NDF in SQL?

An NDF file is a user defined secondary database file of Microsoft SQL Server with an extension . ndf, which store user data. Moreover, when the size of the database file growing automatically from its specified size, you can use . ndf file for extra storage and the . ndf file could be stored on a separate disk drive.

Can I delete the LDF file?

LDF) file becomes very huge. It’s wasting a lot of disk space and causing some problems if you want to backup and restore the database. We can delete the log file and create a new log file with the minimum size.

What is BCM page in SQL Server?

Bulk Change Map(BCM): SQL Server uses Bulk Change Map (BCM) page to track extent modified by bulk logged operation since last backup log operation. BCM page is the 7th page in the data file. BCM has a bit for every extent it tracks.