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How can I get ICAI login ID?

How can I get ICAI login ID?

Log on to the official website,, Click on the “Login” tab, New users need to click on the “New User” link and generate your ID.

What is ICAI login ID?

You can access the portal using your Student Registration number as your User ID and password chosen by you. online.

How do you get ca firm details?

The following form can be downloaded here

  1. Start with clicking on the Firm Constitution Tab.
  2. The applicant is required to provide temporary registration no.
  3. Enter details in form no.
  4. The system will display Firm Details in the following screen, enter Firm Constitution details.

What is regional council ICAI?

The Council constitutes of 40 members of whom 32 are elected by the Chartered Accountants and remaining 8 are nominated by the Central Government generally representing the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Securities and Exchange Board of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Finance and other …

What is MRN number in ICAI?

member registration number
The user ID shall always be the member registration number (MRN) / student registration number (SRN) before the prefixed domain

What is FRN number for CA?

Firm Registration Number (FRN) is a number allocated to a chartered firm.

How do I log into SSP?

Logging in to ICAI SSP Portal Enter your User Id in the User ID field as a Member or Student. Enter the password in the Password field. Click the Login button. The following screen appears.

What is CA SRN?

The ICAI members and CA students can log in to the SSP through their Member Registration Number (MRN)/Student Registration Number (SRN).

Can a CA practice without FRN?

Only ICAI members having certificate of practice can sign the Audited Balance Sheet while practicing – as per Professional Ethics.. You need to be a CA first and then FCA .. Only Inter passed student can’t sign the Balance Sheet then there is no meaning to start practicing.

What is full form FRN?

A floating-rate note (FRN) is a debt instrument with a variable interest rate. The interest rate for an FRN is tied to a benchmark rate. Benchmarks include the U.S. Treasury note rate, the Federal Reserve funds rate—known as the Fed funds rate—the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), or the prime rate.

Who is the biggest CA in India?

Famous Chartered Accountants in India, Famous CA In India

  • Famous Chartered Accountants in India.
  • 1) T.N.Manoharan :
  • 2) Kumar Mangalam Birla :
  • 3) Naina Lal Kidwai :
  • 4) Piyush Goyal :
  • 5) Rameshwar Thakur :
  • 6) Rakesh Jhunjhunwala :
  • 7) T.V. Mohandas Pai :

Who is the 1st chartered accountant in India?

Shri G. P. Kapadia
You may be surprised to know that as on 1st April 1950, there were just 1,689 members–569 Fellows and 1,120 Associates. Shri G. P. Kapadia, the founder President of the ICAI was the first member of the ICAI.