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How deep is the pool at Stormalong Bay?

How deep is the pool at Stormalong Bay?

Stormalong bay appears to be one giant pool, but it is actually a cleverly designed trio. There is a regular pool, with depths of 4-6 feet, a shallow kiddie area, and a slow-flowing lazy river. Each of these areas is separate, requiring swimmers to exit one to enter another.

Can you eat at Stormalong Bay?

Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club are separate Resorts, but they share two very important things: Stormalong Bay (a 3-acre mini water park) and fantastic dining options including a character meal, signature dining, terrific lounges, and an old-fashioned soda shop.

Does Stormalong Bay have a hot tub?

Stormalong Bay has the best hot tubs at any of the Disney resort pools. Two are located near the resort buildings, providing for a short walk on those occasional cool evenings.

How deep is the lazy river at Stormalong Bay?

8 feet
Be advised that the lazy river is deep at 8 feet so be sure to use a complementary life vest. The biggest surprise of all – spoiler alert – the bottom of the pool is sand! That’s a bonus treat for tired feet at the end of a Disney day.

Is Stormalong Bay pool heated?

In the off-season, the pool is heated to 82º. Lockers available are 9” by 11” in size and are 50 cents to rent. The popularity of Stormalong Bay with non-resort guests prompted Disney to surround the complex with a fence that is guarded by Disney cast members checking resort IDs.

How much is a cabana at Stormalong Bay?

The pricing will fluctuate depending on the time of year. Between March and October, the cabanas will cost $299 for a full day, and $199 for a half day. Between October and February, a full day will cost $249 and a half day will cost $149. There is a maximum of six guests per cabana.

Is Stormalong Bay heated?

Can boardwalk use Stormalong Bay?

The Beach Club pool area, “Stormalong Bay”, is reserved for guests of the Beach and Yacht Club. However, the Boardwalk Resort also has a great pool area.

How long is the water slide at Stormalong Bay?

Stormalong Bay Catch currents in an expansive sand-bottomed pool. From atop the mast of a life-sized shipwreck replica, zip down a 230-foot-long waterslide, one of the highest hotel slides at Walt Disney World Resort.

Can Beach Club Villas use Stormalong Bay?

All guests of those resorts are entitled to Stormalong Bay access, even those staying at the Beach Club Villas. It’s worth noting that Stormalong Bay access is strictly limited to use by Yacht & Beach guests, you will need to show a valid room key or have your MagicBand scanned for access.

Does Stormalong Bay have towels?

Only Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort guests and Disney Vacation Club members can use Stormalong Bay. A small beach shack on the east side of the pool deck rents tubes and pool noodles and distributes complimentary pool towels.

Are Disney cabanas worth it?

Most people who book a Castaway Cay Cabana say that they would do it again. They are expensive, but if you compare them to any of the other excursions you might take on your Disney cruise it doesn’t look quite so bad. You are paying for a luxury experience that few guests will have the chance to have.

Where are cabanas located in Stormalong Bay?

Yacht Club side
Cabanas can accommodate up to six people, and are located on the Yacht Club side of Stormalong Bay. There is a private cabana entrance, and cast members who are devoted entirely to cabana guests are available.

Which resorts can use Stormalong Bay?

How deep is the lazy river at Yacht Club?

Moving left across the map, you’ll see the “Lazy River.” This is a deep water zone (8+ feet) with an slow speed artificial current. If you wanted a heavy duty workout, you could try to swim against this current, but most guests grab a noodle or tube and drift along for a few laps.

Is Stormalong bay slide open?

The pool slide at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts will close in February 2021 for refurbishment. Disney has revealed plans to begin refurbishment on the Stormalong Bay pool slide.

How many cabanas does Stormalong Bay have?

Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club share a large pool area known as Stormalong Bay. There are four cabanas at the pool, and they are all located in the same area.

How long is the slide at Stormalong Bay?

230 feet long
After confirming with a Cast Member, the height of the Flying Jib Slide is 150 feet tall, and 230 feet long.