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Is the Bushmaster ACR coming back?

Is the Bushmaster ACR coming back?

Bushmaster has gone as far as to become somewhat of a household name when it comes to the iconic AR-15 design and the company recently announced that they are back – standalone. As part of Bushmaster’s return, they plan on resuming production of the ACR and . 450 Bushmaster rifle models.

Is the Remington ACR available to civilians?

Now for civilian market this rifle is sold as Bushmaster ACR. The official name of this rifle for military use is the Remington ACR. Magpul Industries originally developed a version of the M16 assault rifle with enhanced features….Assault rifle.

Country of origin United States
Range of effective fire ~ 500 m

How much is a ACR gun?

The DMR ACR weighs 8.75 lb (3.97 kg) and has an MSRP of $2,799.

What does ACR stand for rifle?

Remington ACR

Manufacturer Remington Military Products Division
Model ACR-Adaptive Combat Rifle
Type Assault rifle
Caliber 5.56x45mm-NATO – 6.8x43mm-SPC – 6.5x39mm “Grendel”
Barrel 10.5” (Entry); 14.5” (Carbine version); 16.5” (DMR)

How much does a Bushmaster AR-15 cost?

The rifle’s suggested retail price was between $2,685 and $3,061, according to a Bushmaster press release, [22] more than twice as much as early pricing quotes of “about $1500.” A huge segment of the firearms community, as well as potential civilian end-users, were outraged and disappointed by the news.

What is a Bushmaster ACR rifle?

The Bushmaster ACR is a gas operated, semi-automatic rifle of modular design. It utilises an aluminium alloy upper receiver, with polymer pistol grip, trigger, and magazine housing (lower receiver) unit which is attached to the upper receiver using cross-pins.

Is the Remington ACR made by Remington Arms?

However, Remington Arms is contracted to manufacture the rifle for the US military and US law enforcement agencies, in which it is known as the Remington ACR. Hence, Remington Arms is responsible for the selective fire version of the ACR, while Bushmaster Firearms International is responsible for the semi-automatic only version.

How much does the DMR ACR cost?

The DMR ACR weighs 8.75 lb (3.97 kg) and has an MSRP of $2,799. The ACR is expected to be available to military, government, and commercial clients in the second quarter of 2010.