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What is ultramontane conservatism?

What is ultramontane conservatism?

Ultramontanism is a clerical political conception within the Catholic Church that places strong emphasis on the prerogatives and powers of the Pope.

What is the meaning of ultramontane?

Definition of ultramontane 1 : of or relating to countries or peoples beyond the mountains (such as the Alps) 2 : favoring greater or absolute supremacy of papal over national or diocesan authority in the Roman Catholic Church.

What is Ultramontanism concerned about?

For Ultramontanism fears that any infusion of a national element into ecclesiastical life would entail the eventual independence of the people in question from papal control, and lead to developments opposed to its papalistic mode of thought.

What does anticlericalism mean in history?

anticlericalism, in Roman Catholicism, opposition to the clergy for its real or alleged influence in political and social affairs, for its doctrinairism, for its privileges or property, or for any other reason.

What is meant by the term gallicanism?

Definition of Gallicanism : a movement originating in France and advocating administrative independence from papal control for the Roman Catholic Church in each nation.

In what countries has anticlericalism developed?

Italy. Spreading from France, anticlerical ideas and methods were adopted, in varying ways, in other Latin countries. In Italy anticlericalism was fused with nationalism and liberalism.

What is meant by anticlericalism?

Definition of anticlerical : opposed to clericalism or to the interference or influence of the clergy in secular affairs.

Are SSPX Masses illicit?

The PCED also explained that the Masses celebrated by SSPX priests are valid but illicit, and that Penance and Matrimony by SSPX priests are invalid because SSPX priests lack conferred faculties.

What is a Jansenist crucifix?

A Jansenist crucifix signifies that Salvation is not for all, as Jansenist theology upholds pre-destination versus free will. Jansenists crafted their own crucifix to show their belief that Christ only died for the Elect.