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When did Skill Drain get limited?

When did Skill Drain get limited?

It was limited along with Vanity’s Emptiness in early 2015 when Qliphorts were one of the top decks. As you could probably tell, Skill Drain was very strong in Qliphorts because it boosted any of their monsters back to the printed stats with almost no drawback.

Why is Skill Drain limited?

Because so many decks rely on monster effects that are on the field or GY that activating either when you lack a response can single-handedly end a game.

Is Skill Drain limited?

To many players’ surprise, Skill Drain is being completely unlimited, having previous been limited to one copy. Skill Drain allows you to pay 1000LP to negate the effects of all face-up Effect Monsters on the field.

What pack has Skill Drain?

Monster Type

  • Spellcaster.
  • Dragon.
  • Zombie.
  • Warrior.
  • Beast-Warrior.
  • Beast.
  • Winged Beast.
  • Fiend.

Does Skill Drain work on Jinzo?

“Jinzo” cannot negate Trap Cards while “Skill Drain” is already active, because “Skill Drain” is negating “Jinzo”‘s effect. But if “Jinzo” is already on the field, you cannot activate “Skill Drain” because “Jinzo”‘s effect prevents you from doing so.

Is Raigeki banned in the TCG?

This card was both one of the first cards to be Limited in May 2002 and one of the first cards to be Forbidden, in October 2004. It did not come off of the list until October 2014 in the TCG, ten years later.

How much is Skill Drain worth?

Tournament Eligibility

Merchant Edition Price
TCGplayer Unlimited $13.80
TCGplayer Unlimited $17.55
TCGplayer Unlimited $18.00
eBay Unlimited $18.00

When was Skill Drain released?

August 2019
The twelfth card, “Skill Drain”, was released in August 2019.

What negates a Skill Drain?

If “The Tyrant Neptune” gained a Continuous Effect, then “Skill Drain” negates that effect. If “The Tyrant Neptune” gained an Ignition, Trigger, or Quick Effect, then the effect can be activated, but “Skill Drain” will negate the effect when it resolves.