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What is Pipemates?

What is Pipemates?

The PipeMate pipe nipple tray was designed to organize pipe nipples and keep them in their place. It has even weight distribution with one piece construction.

What are pipe nipples used for?

What is a Pipe Nipple? When it comes to plumbing and piping, a nipple is a fitting that is a short piece of pipe. A nipple is usually provided with a male pipe thread (MPT) connection at each end of the fitting, which are used to make a watertight seal when connecting piping to threaded fittings, valves or equipment.

What are the types of pipe nipple?

And what’s more, there are several different types/subsets of pipe nipples to contend with. A short list includes: close nipple, hexagonal nipple, long hex nipple, reducing nipple, hose nipple and welding nipple.

Why are nipples called nipples?

It comes from the earlier words neble, nib(b)le, and nepil. It is possibly related to the word nib, meaning “a point.” The nipple is the central point of a breast or mammary gland. In female mammals, the nipple is the end of the mammary gland and is what infants suck on to drink milk.

How do you install a pipe nipple without damaging threads?

You can use an internal pipe wrench to tighten the close or a short tapered nipple into the first fitting, then screw on the second fitting at the other end. Nipples that are not full thread can leak just as easily as full thread.

How do you measure a pipe nipple?

To calculate the portion of pipe left from end of fitting to end of fitting when it is installed you have to subtract the engagement length of both ends. The “close” length is the shortest nipple length that can be created, when its installed the fittings are right up against each other with no pipe showing.

How can I tighten my nipples without damaging threads?

What is the maximum length for a nipple fitting?

The length of pipe nipple is usually specified by the overall length including threads. Pipe Nipples can come in any specified length, but most commonly range between close to 12”.

Are pipe nipples considered fittings?

In its most basic form, a nipple is a short length of pipe with male pipe threads at both ends for connecting other fittings. You may also see them referred to as “barrel nipples”.

How do you tighten plumbing nipples?