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What religion is Camberwell Grammar?

What religion is Camberwell Grammar?

Anglican school
Camberwell Grammar School is an Anglican school. As such, we are committed to Christian values and we encourage our students to explore the spiritual dimensions to their lives and to follow Christian ethics.

How many student at Camberwell Grammar?

approximately 1,300 students
The school currently has approximately 1,300 students. The school is divided into three sections; Junior School (pre Prep – Year 5), Middle School (Year 6 – Year 8) and Senior School (Year 9 – Year 12).

How much is Camberwell Grammar per year?

Primary school fees at Camberwell Grammar School

Grade/Year Fee
Kinder $19,515
Prep $24,900
Grade 1 $24,705
Grade 2 $24,705

What is the oldest girls school in Melbourne?

In November 1964, Ormiston Girls’ School, the oldest girls’ school on the Australian mainland and the oldest in Victoria, accepted the offer to merge with Camberwell Girls Grammar School.

What is the 2nd oldest school in Australia?

Parramatta Marist was the first Catholic school established in Australia, and second oldest school in Australia. Parramatta Marist provides a high standard of education which promotes the academic, spiritual, personal, social and physical development of each student.

What was the first school in Australia?

Newcastle East Public School is a public school located in the New South Wales town of Newcastle, Australia. It is the oldest continuously running school in Australia, established in 1816 by a convict on conditional pardon, Henry Wrensford….

Newcastle East Public School

What is the oldest private school in Australia?

The King’s School
The King’s School is Australia’s oldest independent school and perhaps best known school in Australia. Founded in 1831 by command of King William IV of England, King’s was established as a boys’ school that would provide Australia with its next generation of leaders.

Where is Camberwell Grammar School located?

Camberwell Grammar School is an independent Anglican primary and secondary day school for boys, located in Canterbury, an eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia . Camberwell Church of England Grammar School was founded in 1886. In its early years, the school was housed at a number of sites in and around the suburb of Camberwell, Victoria.

What is Camberwell Grammar School Gallery of achievement?

The Camberwell Grammar School Gallery of Achievement has been established to acknowledge and celebrate the success of generations of Old Camberwell Grammarians. It is an ongoing, evolving project, which aims to inspire current and future students to pursue excellence in a wide range of careers, community service and sport.

What is the Interact Club at Camberwell Grammar?

Camberwell Grammar is a part of the Debaters Association of Victoria (DAV) and holds interschool debates with other schools in the region with school grounds. Camberwell Grammar has one of only a few Interact clubs in Victoria.

How many houses are in the Camberwell grammarian 2017?

The Camberwell Grammarian 2017 | 151 Houses L I E N C MA While not attaining the results we may have desired at the beginning of the year, the hearty participation and determination of our House in all events — cultural and sporting, was definitely a stand out against all of the other Houses in Senior School.