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Who is retiring from CTV?

Who is retiring from CTV?

CTV’s Jayne Pritchard retires after nearly 40 years.

Who is replacing Jim Crichton on CTV News?

Stefanie Masotti
Crichton’s successor as news anchor at CTV Windsor will be Stefanie Masotti.

How old is Steve Murphy CTV?

62 years (June 18, 1960)Steve Murphy / Age

Who took over for Steve Murphy on CTV News?

Reporter Todd Battis
Veteran CTV News Reporter Todd Battis has been announced as the next Anchor for the CTV News at 6. Todd takes over for the legendary Steve Murphy who was in the chair from 1993 until this past November 30th.

What happened to Agent Murphy after escobars death?

After Escobar was killed, Steve and Connie Murphy returned to the states with their two daughters they adopted while in Colombia. He continued his DEA career for another two decades.

What is Javier Peña doing now?

Peña served as a Deputy Sheriff for Webb County Sheriff’s Office in Laredo from 1976 to 1984 and then continued his service with the DEA until his retirement in January 2014. In 2019, he published Manhunters: How We Took Down Pablo Escobar co-authored with Steve Murphy.

Why did Jim Crichton leave Saga?

The band had been on a rigorous touring schedule for some years, and this announcement came, as co-founder Jim Crichton opted to step away and recharge. After being persuaded by their loyal fans to reconsider their decision, the band promised to “close the door, but not lock it”.

Who was the lead singer for Saga?

Michael Sadler
Saga is a Canadian rock band from Oakville, Ontario. Bassist and keyboardist Jim Crichton and Welsh-born vocalist and keyboardist Michael Sadler were the principal songwriters.

Is Saga still ongoing?

Saga — their heart-wrenching, twist-filled, sexy, violent, operatic space epic — will return to publication after a lengthy hiatus in 2022. “I’ve really missed connecting with readers through the pages of Saga,” Staples said via news release, “so I’m thrilled to roll up my sleeves and dive into this world again.

Is the Saga series complete?

The series went on hiatus after reaching its midpoint at issue 54 in July 2018. In October 2021, Vaughan announced that the series would return with its 55th issue in January 2022.