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How do I repair the College of Winterhold quest?

How do I repair the College of Winterhold quest?

The alternate solution would be to complete all other active College of Winterhold quests and reapproach Mirabelle. Since you don’t have any other College of Winterhold quests and you don’t have any old saves to return to, it appears this quest is glitched and subsequently locked for you.

How do you get into the Mages college?

To join, head to Winterhold and go to stone bridge in the middle of the town and attempt to enter. Faralda will stop you and say only those who can offer something to the College can proceed. She’ll require you to cast a spell to prove your worth; if you say you don’t know it, she’ll sell it to you for 30 Gold.

How do you cast a ward spell Tolfdir?

The trigger area is in the circle, stand on the left edge, try to face Tolfdir perfectly. The Dragonborn is automatically standing in the trigger circle when Tolfdir speaks to them. When he says Just stand over there, do not move. Just look at him and hold the ward spell till he casts his spell at them.

Can you marry Nirya in Skyrim?

Nirya (NPC) Once you reach Allied status with her, she will be available as both a follower and a marriage candidate.

Are wards worth it Skyrim?

Ward spells also increase your armor rating, helping to negate a portion of damage from incoming melee or archery attacks. There is a very good reason a ward spell is the first lesson you learn when entering the college.

Is there a do not delete box in Skyrim?

Explanation. “Do Not Delete” is a scripted placeholder (with four different IDs) left in-game by developers to represent the total gold-value merchants can hold. Its presence explains why gold can be pickpocketed from Merchants, without their total gold value depleting.

Can I marry Mirabelle Skyrim?

I wanted to know if you can marry mirabelle ervine in skyrim, any one know if you can and how? You can’t .

Can you make Faralda a follower?

If you give Faralda’s notes to Nirya, her relationship rank with you will be raised to Ally. If you choose instead to rat Nirya out to Faralda, then Faralda’s relationship rank with you will be raised to Ally. Whichever one you become an ally with will now be available as a follower and for marriage.

How do I marry Grelka?

Okay I know how to marry grelka get high level 35 talk all things with her buy 20 things from her train light armor 50 times she’ll then ask to follow you on adventure say yes or no wear amulet of Mara talk to her shell want to marry you.