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How set padding in UILabel?

How set padding in UILabel?

If you have created an UILabel programmatically, replace the UILabel class with the PaddingLabel and add the padding: // Init Label let label = PaddingLabel() label. backgroundColor = . black label.

How to set UILabel line height?

Step #2: Place a UILabel into a Storyboard/XIB and set its class to DesignableLabel . Wait for your project to build (build must succeed!). Step 3: Now you should see a new property in the properties pane named “Line Height”. Just set the value you like and you should see the results immediately!

How do you add padding to labels in storyboard?

You should use a container view and place the label inside of that. Then add constraints for the label, which will be equivalent to a padding. Select the label and click the constraints panel at the bottom right in the Storyboard file.

What is padding in IOS?

Discussion. Use cell padding to add space around the content in the cell. For example, you can set the amount of padding between the right side of the cell and the content, or the left side of the cell and the content.

What is padding Xcode?

The object for defining space around the content in a table cell.

How do you set corner radius for only top left and top right corner of a UIView?

Or create a subclass of UIView and call roundCorners in the view’s layoutSubviews .

  1. class View: UIView {
  2. override func layoutSubviews() {
  3. super. layoutSubviews()
  4. roundCorners(corners: [. topLeft, . topRight], radius: 20)

What is padding () in Swift?

padding(_:_:) Adds an equal padding amount to specific edges of this view.

What does spacer () do in Swift?

A spacer creates an adaptive view with no content that expands as much as it can. For example, when placed within an HStack , a spacer expands horizontally as much as the stack allows, moving sibling views out of the way, within the limits of the stack’s size.

What line height should I use?

The perfect line height depends on the design and size of the font itself. There is no magic number that works for all text. A line height of 1.5 times the font size is a good place to start from, and then you can adjust accordingly. Using an 8 point grid system works well when using 1.5 line height.