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Is abutilon the same as Chinese Lantern?

Is abutilon the same as Chinese Lantern?

What is abutilon? Also known as flowering maple, parlor maple, Chinese lantern, or Chinese bellflower, abutilon is an upright, branching plant with leaves that resemble maple leaves; however, abutilon isn’t a maple and is actually a member of the mallow family.

Does abutilon need sun?

Position in full sun or part shade.

Is abutilon annual or perennial?

Perennial in warm climates, abutilons are stunningly ornamental evergreen shrubs with large lobed leaves that resemble maples.

Can abutilon survive winter?

Flowering maples are easy to grow in containers and overwinter indoors. If given sufficient light, many will continue to bloom through the winter. They do best in a bright, sunny location, but prefer relatively cool temperatures (60’sF).

What conditions does abutilon like?

All abutilon grow best in full sun (rather than shade) in a reasonably fertile but well drained soil. Deciduous or semi deciduous, freestanding, and reasonably hardy abutilons: A. x suntense is a fast growing shrub which can readily grow to 10-12ft.

How do you care for an abutilon plant?

Grow them in a well-drained soil that has been enriched with compost. Abutilon plants have average water needs. In zones 9-10, optimal lighting is for the plants to receive full sun in the morning but some shade in the hot afternoon.

Does abutilon need pruning?

Abutilon plants or flowering maples are one of a few types of shrubs that can be pruned at any time during their active growing season. Abutilon’s are quick to start to re-grow and subsequently flower. The versatility of the Abutilon means you can simply prune it as and when required.

Can you grow abutilon outdoors?

It is only possible to plant Abutilon outdoors in Mediterranean-like climates, in a place sheltered from wind. Indeed, they cannot stand temperatures below 23°F (-5°C). Well exposed locations are ideal, but not if the sun is scorching. They like cool and well drained soil.

Do you cut back abutilon?

The versatility of the Abutilon means you can simply prune it as and when required. In particularly prune after the winter damage where branches can be snapped or broken by high winds and / or heavy snow. This is best done in early spring when most types can be cut back quite hard.

How do you overwinter abutilon?

Overwintering a standard: Most standards require special care to overwinter. In cold winter climates, bring standards of Abutilon, Anisodontea, Fuchsia, Heliotrope, Lantana, and Rosemary indoors before frost and place them in an east- or west-facing window in a cool room.

Is abutilon a houseplant?

All the rage in the 19th century (hence the name parlor maple), Abutilon flowering maple is considered to be a bit of an old-fashioned houseplant. Still with its lovely bell-shaped leaves of salmon, red, white, or yellow, it makes for an interesting houseplant.

Are abutilon plants Hardy?

Planting and Growing Abutilon A few varieties are hardy enough to plant outside in the UK. If grown in the open, plant them against a sheltered sunny wall or plant them in containers that can be placed outside in summer and brought in over-winter. Abutilon thrives best in a rich, moisture retentive soil, in full sun.

Should you deadhead abutilon?

Deadhead fading blooms quickly to encourage new flower production. Hard prune your abutilon in the early spring after the last hard frost and before bloom. Cut back leggy and overgrown plants down to a foot or two of branching as needed to restore the desired shape and interior architecture of the shrub.

How do you overwinter Abutilon?