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What is the weather like in Yunnan?

What is the weather like in Yunnan?

Yunnan is one of the warmest region in China with an average daily high temperature of 24 degrees centigrade. The climate is almost moderate, but also offers a few sultry months with high humidity and high temperatures.

How cold does it get in Yunnan China?

The coldest months are December and January with average daily temperatures ranging from 4°C to 16°C (39–61°F). The hottest months are June, July, and August with average daily temperatures ranging from 17°C to 25°C (63–77°F).

Does it snow in Yunnan China?

When Does it Usually Snow in Yunnan? Winter is the time for snow anywhere in the world that has a temperate climate, so is the Yunnan. For the snowy areas of the region, the snows can start falling at November or December, and can last until February or March.

What is the capital of Yunnan?

KunmingYunnan / Capital

Yunnan UK: /juːˈnæn/, US: /ˌjuːˈnɑːn/ (Chinese: 云南) is a landlocked province in the southwest of the People’s Republic of China. The province spans approximately 394,000 square kilometres (152,000 sq mi) and has a population of 48.3 million (as of 2018). The capital of the province is Kunming.

Does Kunming have snow?

Kunming experienced the first snow this winter while other places in Yunnan were already covered in white. There were snowfall in the main urban area this morning, especially around Xiaozhuang interchange, Jiaochang interchange and Guannan interchange. Kunming has issued an alert for icy roads.

What language does Yunnan speak?

The official language of Yunnan is Standard Chinese (普通话; pǔtōnghuà). The region is home to a plethora of dialects from Chinese, Tibetan and Thai language families. Yunnan is home to many minority groups who each have their own different language.

Does China have 4 seasons?

The climate conditions in China are wide-ranging with each area having a different season at a different point in time. There are four different seasons in China; Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring.

How cold is China in February?

Temperatures average -7–4°C (19–39°F) and there are typically 2 days (6 mm, 0.2 in) of light rain/snowfall in February. Xi’an is similar. The northeast region, including Harbin, stays below freezing. Clothing: You’ll need an extra thick coat and layers of winter clothing to stay warm, as well as gloves and a hat.

What language is spoken in Yunnan China?

The Bai language (Bai: Baip‧ngvp‧zix; simplified Chinese: 白语; traditional Chinese: 白語; pinyin: Báiyǔ) is a language spoken in China, primarily in Yunnan Province, by the Bai people. The language has over a million speakers and is divided into three or four main dialects.

What is the hottest place in China?

It gets hot in summer, dry and sunny. The desert regions can be scorching in the daytime. Turpan, which sits in a depression 150m below sea level, is referred as the ‘hottest place in China’ with maximums of around 47C. In winter this region is as severely cold as the rest of northern China.