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When did Nirvana play in Dublin?

When did Nirvana play in Dublin?

Ticket for cancelled Nirvana concert in Dublin, 20 years ago today. The gig was scheduled for April 8th 1994, the day Kurt Cobain’s body was found.

Where did Nirvana play in Ireland?

Nirvana in Cork: The legendary 1991 gig in Sir Henrys.

Where did Nirvana perform?

Early gigs

Date City Venue
August 9, 1987 Tacoma Community World Theater
January 23, 1988
January 24, 1988 Aberdeen RadioShack
March 12, 1988 Olympia The Caddyshack

Did Nirvana ever play Ireland?

Nirvana played a number of shows in Ireland, including a legendary series of dates supporting Sonic Youth in 1991 that appear to have been attended by roughly one million people – or so it seems, as everyone of a certain age still insists that they were definitely there. And down the front.

Did Nirvana play in Cork?

To mark the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death, Des O’Driscoll looks back on the day in 1991 when the late singer’s band played a support slot at Sir Henry’s in Cork.

What countries did Nirvana tour?


United States 241
Germany 21
Canada 15
Australia 11
Italy 11

What was Nirvana’s last live concert?

Though many people will point to the band’s poignant 1993 MTV Unplugged show as Nirvana’s last performance, the truth is there was another one to follow and, in actual fact, Cobain and Nirvana’s last ever gig took place on March 1st, 1994, at Terminal Einz, in an aeroplane hanger fit for 3,000 in the German city of …

Did Nirvana ever play Glastonbury?

Nirvana: the greatest band Glasto never had But Nirvana never played Glasto – maybe they were too loud for the cows? Fortunately they became festival legends at Reading instead, in 1992, when Kurt Cobain came on-stage in a wheelchair and surgical gown to mock rumours that he was ill.

How is Kurt Cobain Irish?

Kurt Cobain’s Irish roots When the question of identity arose, the musician said that he had recently found out that his surname was Irish. “My parents have never bothered to find that stuff out,” he said, “I found out by looking through phone books throughout America for names that were similar to mine.

When did Nirvana play Cork?

August 20th, 1991
August 20th, 1991 – three days after they record the video for Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana play a pub venue in Cork. Almost immediately after finishing their set at Sir Henry’s, the lives of Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic would change forever.

When was Nirvana’s last tour?

March 1st, 1994
Nirvana’s last concert ever took place on March 1st, 1994 in Munich, Germany, at Terminal Einz, an airplane hanger that fit 3,050 people. It was far from an ideal venue for a rock show and the acoustics were terrible, though Cobain didn’t realize this until the performance began since he skipped out on the soundcheck.

Where did Nirvana play in 1991?

Live Nirvana | Concert Chronology | 1991 | December 04, 1991 – The Academy, Manchester, UK.

When was the last Nirvana concert?

On this day (March 1), in 1994, Nirvana played what turned out to be their final concert at Terminal Einz in Munich, Germany.

How many times did Nirvana play live?

It formed the set-closer a whopping 88 times – quite impressive dominance given 33 other songs were the closer at some point or other. The nearest rival is Territorial Pissings on 49.

When did Nirvana stop performing together?

From March 1987 to March 1, 1994, Nirvana performed a variety of shows and concerts. Happy Dead Juans, Moral Crux & Soon * Dale Crover played drums.

Who played drums for Nirvana from 1987 to 1994?

From March 1987 to March 1, 1994, Nirvana performed a variety of shows and concerts. Happy Dead Juans, Moral Crux & Soon * Dale Crover played drums. *First show with Dave Foster on drums. Lansdat Blister & Sister Skelter *Last show with Dave Foster.

Did Nirvana play the town pump 25 years ago?

^ Newton, Steve (March 12, 2015). “25 years ago today: Nirvana plays the Town Pump (two days after the Beat Farmers)”. The Georgia Straight. Retrieved June 14, 2017. ^ Nirvana missed the show. However, Angry Son still performed.

What was Nirvana’s first ever show?

Their actual first show has not been documented, but took place around April 1st, 1987 in Aberdeen, WA, according to close friend Slim Moon ^ “Live Nirvana”.