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What is the meaning of Fleetest?

What is the meaning of Fleetest?

/ˈfliːt.nəs/ the ability to run or move quickly: They relied on their excellent eyesight and fleetness of foot.

What does the word fleetness mean?

a high rate of movement or performance. clipper ships were renowned for their fleetness on the high seas.

What does brandished mean dictionary?

to shake or wave, as a weapon; flourish: Brandishing his sword, he rode into battle. noun.

Is there a word Fleat?

No, fleat is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is meant by befit?

Definition of befit transitive verb. : to be proper or becoming to clothing that befits the occasion.

What can you brandish?

To brandish something is to wave it about aggressively, as one might brandish a sword or tennis racket (if it’s a particularly intense game). Brandish often implies that a person is wielding a physical weapon.

What is the synonym of brandish?

Some common synonyms of brandish are flourish, swing, thrash, and wave. While all these words mean “to wield or cause to move to and fro or up and down,” brandish implies threatening or menacing motion.

What is a FLET?

Noun. flet (plural flets) (rare or dialectal) Floor; bottom; lower surface. (rare or dialectal) A house; home.

What is flear?

Meaning of ‘flear’ (Webster Dictionary) 1. Flear [ n.] – A word or look of derision or mockery. – A grin of civility; a leer.

How do you use befit?

accord or comport with.

  1. Such actions do not befit you.
  2. A formal gown befits the diplomatic reception.
  3. You should dress in a way that befits a woman of your position.
  4. Her clothes befit the wedding ceremony.
  5. He lived in the style befitting a gentleman.
  6. It ill befits a priest to act uncharitably.

How do you use the word befit?


  1. It was a lavish reception as befitted a visitor of her status.
  2. He lived in the style befitting a gentleman.

What is the word that means brandishing?

What part of speech is brandish?

brandish used as a verb: “He brandished his sword at the pirates.” To bear something with ostentatious show.

What is the antonym of brandish?

What is the opposite of brandish?

cease conceal
fail idle
ignore misuse

What are antonyms for the word brandish?

antonyms for brandish

  • abandon.
  • conceal.
  • cover.
  • guard.
  • hide.
  • protect.
  • save.
  • not show.

What is the definition of Culture?

Culture also includes the material objects that are common to that group or society. Culture is distinct from social structure and economic aspects of society, but it is connected to them — both continuously informing them and being informed by them.

What is material culture?

Material culture is composed of the things that humans make and use. This aspect of culture includes a wide variety of things, from buildings, technological gadgets, and clothing, to film, music, literature, and art, among others.

What is the role of Culture in society?

Culture can be a force for oppression and domination, but it can also be a force for creativity, resistance, and liberation. It is also a deeply important aspect of human social life and social organization. Without it, we would not have relationships or society.