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Does Chevron with Techron really work?

Does Chevron with Techron really work?

Chevron claims gasoline with Techron can boost your miles per gallon. says in big, bold letters: “IT’S PROVEN. No gas gets better mileage than Chevron with Techron or Texaco with Techron.”

What happens if you use too much Techron?

Fact is, you can use too much Techron and cause damage to your fuel tank lining. You mention the vehicle runs better after you use it. That makes me believe that the fuel in your tank is old. You should try to run your fuel tank down to around a quarter tank.

How often should you use Techron?

How often should Techron® Concentrate Plus be used? Techron® Concentrate Plus should be used every 5,000 kilometres or at every oil change.

Can you put Techron in a half tank?

Here is what I do: The tank should be down to half or below, then put the Techron in first and fill the tank. Then run this tank as low as you are comfortable with to maximize the benefit.

Can you use 2 bottles of Techron?

Techron® is recommended for use every 3,000 miles or right before an oil change. You should limit your use of Techron® to no more than five bottles or treatments between oil changes.

Can I add Techron to a full tank of gas?

For best performance, rather than adding TECHRON® Concentrate Plus (Complete Fuel System Cleaner) to a full tank, we recommend adding the TECHRON® Concentrate Plus (Complete Fuel System Cleaner) to a nearly empty tank and then fill the tank with gasoline to mix the product completely.

Is Techron a fuel stabilizer?

Test data shows that Techron Marine maximizes corrosion protection in both salt and fresh water environments and outperforms other fuel stabilizers. Stabilizes fuel for up to 24 months, delivering more than 4X fuel oxidation stability over pump fuel alone. Helps protect against the effects of ethanol-blend fuels.

Does Techron make a difference?

What is the difference between Chevron with Techron® at the pump and Techron® in the bottle? The main difference is additive concentration and rate of deposit clean up. Over multiple fill-ups, Chevron fuels with Techron will help clean deposits on intake valves and minimize harmful combustion chamber deposits.

Can you put Techron in a full tank?

If you use Techron® in smaller engines, such as a motorcycle, don’t use the whole bottle. The recommended treatment rate is one ounce per gallon, so in a four-gallon tank, use four ounces of Techron.