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Is December a good time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia?

Is December a good time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia?

Overall, the best time of year to visit Vietnam and Cambodia is from December to March with a quite pleasant weather throughout the countries.

What month is rainy season in Cambodia?

The rains come when the winds shift into the southwest monsoon from May to November. During this period, you can expect the most precipitation in Cambodia throughout the months of September and October. Cambodia heats up steadily from February to April, with temperatures peaking as high as 40°C in April.

Which is better, to visit Vietnam or Cambodia and why?

Bag snatchers and thieves. Though Cambodia and Thailand are both relatively safe places to travel,petty theft can be a problem in both countries.

  • Scams and sex tourism. Both Thailand and Cambodia have booming sex tourism industries and many people go there for that reason.
  • Drugs drugs drug.
  • Tuk tuk tales.
  • How many days you need to travel Vietnam and Cambodia?

    Vietnam-Cambodia Tour Itineraries. Here I’ll share a sample of a 7-day, 14-day- and 22-day itinerary. 7 Days: A Quick but Fulfilling Escapade. For tourists who have limited time and budget to go around and explore, a 7-Day Vietnam-Cambodia Tour offers a great sampling of the cities’ best sights.

    How to get the best Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary?

    If you stay in the French Quarter start your day early by having coffee with the locals at Kalina Cafe across from the lake.

  • Have a typical bowl of bun cha soup for breakfast at Bún chả Hương Liên.
  • For Pho try Pho Gia Truyen,for bahn mi try Bahn Mi 25.
  • What is the best way to see Vietnam and Cambodia?

    – Staying at a really cheap hotel or hostel – definitely not safe for your belongings. – Hop on any bike taxi or cab you see – use grab, its cheaper than most other options and safer too. – Jumping on a bike just coz the rider has a grab tshirt or jacket on – a lot of bike taxi drivers wear grab jackets or helmets but they are