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Is Beer Can Island Private?

Is Beer Can Island Private?

Pine Key Tampa Bay, formerly known as Beer Can Island, is a privately owned, 11-acre slice of paradise located just offshore in Tampa Bay. In 2017, it was purchased by a team who have been working hard to improve the island and add facilities.

Who Bought Beer Can Island?

Imperial Island sold Beer Can Island in December 2017 for $63,650 to Loomis, John Gadd, Cole Weaver and James Wester. Loomis said they have since added a fifth partner — Jonathan McHenry.

How much is Beer Can Island worth?

Before Loomis and his partners arrived, Beer Can Island was a popular hangout spot for boaters just off Apollo beach, right in the middle of Tampa Bay. In 2018, the owner sold the undeveloped island to Loomis’ group for just under $64,000.

Is Beer Can Island public?

Access to Beer Can Island Beer Can Island on Longboat Key is a public beach. Although parking is limited, anyone can go to Beer Can Island on Longboat Key.

Does Beer Can Island have a bathroom?

Minors can camp for free with parents. The passes are expected to be sold weekends at the floating tiki bar parked right off the coast of the 7-acre island. Passes also include bathroom access. For those who don’t want to camp or use the bathrooms, no pass is needed and access to the island remains free.

Who owns Pine Key island Tampa?

Beer Can Island History Pine Key was purchased in 2017 by a group of private investors. The group reportedly paid $63,650 to purchase it from Imperial Sand, the previous owners. One previous owner of Beer Can Island included a petroleum company, Supertest Oil.

Are there bathrooms on Beer Can Island?

Thousands of people show up to Beer Can Island each weekend and each weekend, the island gets run down with trash. And with no bathrooms, human waste is a major problem.

Does Beer Can Island have bathrooms?

How do you become a Beer Can Island member?

Can Anyone Go to Beer Can Island? Membership may be required to officially visit Beer Can Island. There is an option to become a “Member” for free here on the island’s membership page. There are other membership options, as well.

Are dogs allowed on beer can beach?

Dogs are welcome on this well-maintained beach as long as they are leashed. The beach is a popular choice for both surfing and fishing. While the beach isn’t as well-known for its wildlife as other beaches in the area, the ice plants that cling to the side of the cliffs make for some beautiful scenery.

Can you drink at Beer Can Beach?

Keeping it classy, Paradise Cove in Malibu only allows beer, wine, and champagne on the surf – no hard liquor. The beach opens every morning by 8, and visitors can drink and be merry all day until it closes later on at sunset.

Does beer can beach allow dogs?