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What are the English TV channels in Sri Lanka?

What are the English TV channels in Sri Lanka?


Station Ownership Language
TNL TV Private English/Sinhala
TV 1 Private English/Sinhala
TV Derana Private Sinhala

Who is the owner of derana?

Dilith Jayaweera

Dilith Jayaweera
Occupation Entrepreneur Businessman Attorney-At-Law
Known for Chair, George Steuart Group Chairman – Derana Director – Citrus Leisure PLC, Colombo Land and Development PLC Jt. managing director – Triad (Pvt) Ltd
Spouse(s) Nelum

Who is the owner of Shakthi TV?

Capital Maharaja
Shakthi TV (Tamil:சக்தி ) is the first Tamil television service of Sri Lanka….Shakthi TV.

Language(s) Tamil
Owner Capital Maharaja
Sister channels TV One Sirasa TV

Who is Nimal Cooke?

Nimal S Cooke – Director AmCham – American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka | LinkedIn.

Who is Killy Maharaja?

Rajendran Rajamahendran (19 May 1943 – 25 July 2021) was a Sri Lankan businessman, media personality, philanthropist and social activist. He was nicknamed as “Kili Maharaja” aka “Kili Rajamahendran”.

Who is richest man in Sri Lanka?

Kulappu Arachchige Don Dhammika Perera, commonly known as Dhammika Perera (born December 28, 1967), is a Sri Lankan businessman, philanthropist, and politician. He is one of the wealthiest people in Sri Lanka….Dhammika Perera.

Dhammika Perera MP

What is the frequency of Shakthi TV?

05.00 to 00.00
Shakthi TV broadcasts on a UHF frequency from 05.00 to 00.00.

How do I watch UTV?

UTV is Northern Ireland’s favourite TV channel, providing the best in local news, sport and entertainment programming. To view this channel through an aerial on a Freeview TV, you’ll need a Freeview HD or Freeview Play TV/set-top box and for the channel to be available in your area.