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What size are branding irons?

What size are branding irons?

The Size of the Iron is Important For grown cattle, it is recommended to use an iron 6 inches high and 3½ inches wide. The metal used to build the face of the branding iron should be 2 inches deep by 1/2 inch thick. Work the face of the branding surface down to not less than 3/8 inch thick.

What is a branding iron called?

NOTE: Some refer to a branding head as a “branding die”, a “branding iron”, a “brander” or a “heat stamp”. Other terms may also be used, but the term we use for the image part of a branding iron is the “Branding Head”.

How detailed can a branding iron be?

The “relief” of a branding iron refers to the depth of the engraving. Standard relief designs have a depth of . 04,” while extra relief ranges from 0.1” to 0.20.” Standard-relief branding irons can hold a great amount of detail and create shallow, surface-type brands.

What metal is best for a branding iron?

Brass is basically indestructible, so if you need a brander for your business or are simply looking for something you’ll never have to replace, brass is the best option. We recommend brass for the heavy, regular work, such as stamping leather items.

How thick should a branding iron be?

3/8 to 1/2 inch
Make your branding iron from a good grade of iron. Copper is not recommended, as it is unable to withstand extreme heat and will burn up rapidly. The face of the iron should have a thickness of 3/8 to 1/2 inch. Extensive use of irons will cause them to loose their thickness.

How long does a branding last?

A branding will first scab over, which can last from a few weeks to just over a month. At this phase, the appearance of the branding is a bright red raised scar, which slowly becomes lighter than the normal skin tone. This phase lasts about twelve months, and the scar tissue may rise slightly more during this time.

How hot does a branding iron have to be?

Branding Iron Temperature In general, rubber and leather branding temperatures are between 325° to 400°F, softwoods 650° to 750°F, and hardwoods/thermoset plastics 750° to 850°F. Our branding irons are sold with optional temperature regulator’s to ensure consistent results.

How long do you hold a brand on?

The Basics of Branding While heating up your branding iron, when it is idle, and while cooling it off to room temperature, the branding iron must remain in a horizontal position, resting on the provided stand or cradle. Time needed for heating up the branding head: Allow 20-40 minutes.

How much does it cost to build a brand?

Typical brand development programs can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000 depending on the size or the stage your company is in.

What size do wood branding irons come in?

These interchangeable characters for custom wood branding irons are of the highest quality around. They come in 3/16″ to 2″ sizes. You can order them individually or in a set, that comes with one of each letter, numbers 0 through 9, and two blank spaces.

How have your customers used our irons?

Our customers have successfully been able to use our brands as a barbecue branding iron , leather branding tool, branding iron for grilling, personalized meat brander, among many other applications. Check out our customers pictures to see what creative ways they’ve used our irons.

How many blank spaces are there in a branding iron?

You can order them individually or in a set, that comes with one of each letter, numbers 0 through 9, and two blank spaces. If you have any questions about which branding iron is best for your application and what size characters you should use, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

What are branding tools used for?

These branding tools have been used by professionals in the past to make their mark on wood, leather, and while cooking. Now you can also leave your own personalized mark on something you’re proud about! Nothing says rustic and western than branding wood or leaving a nice design on a perfectly grilled steak!