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How much does a custom pickguard cost?

How much does a custom pickguard cost?

Usually a custom pickguard costs approximately $125.00 to $150.00.

Why do guitars have pickguards?

The main purpose of the pickguard is to protect the guitar’s finish from being scratched by the nails of the picking hand, as it was included on guitars not played with a plectrum. The pick does not normally contact that part of the guitar when used correctly.

What are guitar scratch plates made of?

A pickguard (also known more correctly as scratchplate) is a piece of plastic or other (often laminated) material that is placed on the body of a guitar, mandolin or similar plucked string instrument.

Can u paint a pickguard?

I use clear acrylic from the hardware store and paint it from the back. Painting the top of the pickguard is a problem, because the paint is thin, soft and might not stick very well. – After all, the whole point of plastic pickguards is to protect the more fragile paint finish.

What do you paint pickguard with?

I use clear acrylic from the hardware store and paint it from the back. Thats really the only way to paint your own pickguard.

Where can I get a custom scratch plate for my guitar?

Custom Guitar Scratchplates | Jack’s Instrument Services Jack’s Instrument Services make custom pickguards for your guitar. A variety of materials, shapes and pickup options are available Guitar repair & setup workshop in Manchester, UK

How much does a custom scratchplate cost?

Everything we make is personalised, so our scratchplates are priced according to how complex they are to make, e.g. how many flush edges, size, and materials. In general, a custom scratchplate will cost between £30-60 plus shipping.

How are scratchplates made?

HOW ARE THEY MADE? HOW ARE THEY MADE? Our scratchplates are produced in full colour and heat bonded onto the back of acrylic giving a permanent bond which is not only durable but sweat and beer resistant too – even at Glastonbury . . .

How much does an oxidised brass scratchplate cost?

Oxidised Brass £75 Results may vary! Oxidised Copper £80 Results may vary! Got a small guard like a les paul? Don’t worry we won’t charge you a full sheet price for that! Handy Documents Download my postage printout form for posting your old scratchplate or template to me Scratchplate Postage Printout.pdf