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Is a VW Polo fuel efficient?

Is a VW Polo fuel efficient?

Volkswagen claims a best of 53.9mpg (on the combined cycle) for the 94bhp version under the latest WLTP test, with CO2 emissions from 119g/km. Add the seven-speed DSG gearbox and the figures drop slightly, with maximum fuel economy of 50.6mpg and CO2 emissions of 127g/km.

How much petrol does a Polo use per km?

Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI Comfortline Auto – 4.5 L/100km The Volkswagen Polo is a popular choice in the compact hatchback segment and the Comfortline or Comfortline R-Line automatic claims a fuel consumption figure of 4.5 L/100km.

How many miles is a half tank on a VW Polo?

Your Polo has a 45-litre fuel tank, which converts as 9.9 gallons, which in turn leads to a theoretical maximum range of 451.4 miles. In kilometres, that leads to a figure of 726.5km on a single tank.

Which VW Polo is the most fuel efficient?

The new Polo TDI BlueMotion takes the efficiency lead with combined fuel consumption of 3.2 l/100 km (73.5 mpgUS), or 82 g/km CO2. The Polo TSI BlueMotion, available starting this autumn, also marks the first time that a Volkswagen with a gasoline engine is being marketed as an independent BlueMotion model.

What is the average fuel consumption of VW Polo?

With a fuel consumption of 4.1 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 94 g/km CO2, the Polo TSI BlueMotion sets new top values in the segment of five-seaters with petrol engines.

How many Litres does a 1.2 Polo hold?

This compact hatchback from Volkswagen comes with 45 litres of fuel tank. The company has launched this car in both petrol and diesel variants.

How far can a VW Polo go on Empty?

42 miles
When my fuel light comes on, how much petrol is left?

Car model Remaining mileage
Volkswagen Polo 42 miles
Audi A6 41 miles
Land Rover Range Rover 40 miles
Ford Fiesta 37 miles

What is the fuel consumption of Polo TSI?

Volkswagen Polo 1.2L TSI Fuel Consumption. Polo 1.2L TSI has fuel consumption of 18.2 kmpl on the highway and 13.5 kmpl in the city.

How far can a car travel on 1-litre of petrol?

A car can travel 30 km with 1 litre of petrol.

Does a 2 litre engine use more petrol?

A larger engine, for example, a 2.0-litre engine and upwards, may be more powerful than a 1.2-litre, but will more than likely burn more fuel.