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Is Butchart Gardens open in winter?

Is Butchart Gardens open in winter?

More than a spring or summer affair, with Vancouver Island’s temperate climate, The Gardens have something to offer year-round. Enjoy the solitude winter brings, and take in the subtle beauty of our shrubs, trees and flowers, from delicate snowdrops to lush hellebore.

What months is Butchart Gardens open?

June 1 – September 30.

How much time do you need at Butchart Gardens?

3-4 hours
3-4 hours is a recommended amount of time to allot to fully enjoy The Gardens. Plan your visit before you arrive with this map of The Butchart Gardens. What is there to do in The Butchart Gardens?

Is Butchart garden open year round?

The Butchart Gardens is open year round. These hours reflect the admission gate times. As long as you are through the gate prior to closing time, you’re welcome to remain in The Gardens for one hour after the gate closes.

Are the Butchart Gardens worth it?

One of the absolute must-visit places on Vancouver Island is the very beautiful Butchart Gardens. The gardens receive over 1 million visitors a year who come to admire the colourful display of flowers. Spread over 55 acres they include the Sunken Garden, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, Star Pond amongst others.

Is parking free at Butchart Gardens?

All parking is free. We accommodate cars, bicycles and RVs. Parking for people with disabilities is also available. Can I picnic at The Gardens?

How much is a taxi from Victoria to Butchart Gardens?

$45 – $60
The quickest way to get from Victoria to Butchart Gardens is to taxi which costs $45 – $60 and takes 24 min.

How long is winter in Victoria?

Winter (June – August) In winter, average temperatures range from 6.5 – 14.2°C (43.7 – 57.6°F), and snow falls in the north-east of Victoria, known as High Country. The weather is frequently cold and cloudy, and nights can be accompanied by frosts.

Is there Uber in Victoria?

Uber said consumers in cities such as Victoria and Kelowna expect the same services that are available around the world. But a local firm that has been operating a ride-hailing service in Victoria and Kelowna since April 2020 said the board’s decision is the right one for now.