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What genre is Chris Lorenzo?

What genre is Chris Lorenzo?

Dance/ElectronicChris Lorenzo / Genre

How old is Chris Lake?

39 years (August 8, 1982)Chris Lake / Age

Who is Chris Lake’s wife?

His wife is featured on a number of his tracks “That voice on a lot of his records is his wife, Gita Lake, who is also an accomplished singer, songwriter and producer.”

What is Chris Lake’s real name?

Christopher LakeChris Lake / Full name

What type of DJ is Chris Lake?

Producing and spinning tracks ranging from progressive house to vocal-driven EDM, this British DJ also runs the Rising Music label.

Where is Fisher The DJ from?

Gold Coast, AustraliaFISHER / Place of birth

Is Chris Lake married?

For “Helium,” Lake looked closer to home for a collaborator: his wife, Gita. The two met via MySpace in 2005 and have been married since 2007.

How old is Paul Fisher?

35 years (November 5, 1986)FISHER / Age

How much does FISHER get paid for a show?

One example fee to book FISHER is in the starting range of $150,000-$299,000. Also, their speaking fee might be different than the fee shown for the cost to perform or to just appear. Popularity, career stage, along with current demand will cause fluctuations in their speaking price too.

Who is Chloe Chapman married to?

FISHERChloe Chapman / Spouse (m. 2020)

Is Paul Fisher married?

Chloe ChapmanFISHER / Spouse (m. 2020)

Does Fisher have a girlfriend?

Fisher is engaged to his fiancée Chloe Chapman The Australian DJ/producer dominated the charts all summer long when he dropped tech-house monsterhit ‘Losing It’, and his track is also in the running for Best Dance Single for the 2019 Grammys.

Is Fisher the DJ married?

What does Chloe Chapman do?

Chloe Chapman, founder of Aloé Swimwear and all around #bossbabe, made her dreams a reality when she left behind the 9-5 to start her own swimwear line. We have a chat to her about starting her own business, chasing summer, and taking a punt on her passions!