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What marimba mallets should I get?

What marimba mallets should I get?

Most marimbas are made of rosewood, a hardwood that needs to be protected due to its limited amounts. To avoid damaging the bars, the lower the range you are playing, the softer the mallet should be. If you are covering a large range, I recommend starting with a medium yarn mallet.

Can you use vibraphone mallets on marimba?

The soft yarn heads of marimba mallets limit their volume, and therefore effectiveness, on the vibraphone. However, vibraphone mallets can be used on the marimba for a clear, cutting tone. Jazz musicians who play both instruments simultaneously often choose vibraphone mallets for this purpose.

What mallets do I need?

For beginners, birch shaft mallets would be recommended. Many brands and models are available, but we recommend the following choices. These are also the standard mallets available in beginner stick/mallet prepacks. Mallets for marimba and vibraphone have a birch or rattan shaft and a yarn or cord head.

Can you use marimba mallets for xylophone?

Xylophone mallets are different from Marimba mallets, which are different from Vibraphone mallets, because of the characteristics of the instruments they are designed to play. A Xylophone mallet, when used on a Marimba, can damage the marimba. A Marimba mallet used on a Xylophone would not be loud enough to be heard.

How long is a marimba mallet?

These Medium Soft Marimba Mallets have 5/16″ diameter handles made of North American Birch and are cut to 16 inches in length.

Who invented 4 mallet technique?

Gary Burton
It is widely used by orchestral percussionist to play four mallet orchestra excerpts for the strength and security it offered. It was invented around 1960s by the famous Vibraphonist, Gary Burton.

How do you hold 4 mallets Stevens grip?

In Stevens grip, the mallets are held loosely. The first mallet, which becomes the left-most mallet, will be placed between the middle and ring finger, with the little and ring fingers wrapped around the mallet and less than an inch of the mallet hanging past the end of the hand when the palm faces upward.

How heavy should a mallet be?

Mallet weight A 3.00 lb mallet is usually a good compromise and neither extreme is recommended. A heavier mallet like 3 lbs 2 oz will help for longer shots but is more difficult to control for stop shots etc. Lighter mallets of about 2 lb.

Can you use rubber mallets on marimba?

The mallet heads suited to the marimba are either soft rubber bulbs or rubber bulbs wrapped in wool yarn. Of these heads, there is some variation in the hardness of the rubber bulbs.

What is the most expensive marimba?

List prices for marimbas start at around $2500 and go all the way up to $15000 and higher.