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How old is Aztec Ruins National Monument?

How old is Aztec Ruins National Monument?

900 years ago
Park Information Built and occupied over 900 years ago, Aztec Ruins National Monument is the largest Ancestral Pueblo community in the Animas River Valley.

Why is the Aztec Ruins National Monument important?

Aztec Ruins National Monument was designated a World Heritage site in 1987 as part of Chaco Culture World Heritage site because it preserves important Pueblo architectural and engineering achievements.

Who built the Aztec Ruins?

The Puebloan-built ruins were dubbed the “Aztec Ruins” by 19th century American settlers who misattributed their construction to the Aztecs….

Aztec Ruins National Monument
Area 318 acres (129 ha)
Created January 24, 1923
Visitors 52,756 (in 2017)
Governing body National Park Service

How did the Aztec Ruins get its name?

While the ancestral Pueblo people are responsible for the construction of this site, the ruins received their name when early European settlers mistakenly attributed the ruins to the Aztecs of Mexico.

What is the Aztec ruins made of?

They lived in pueblos, multilevel communal dwellings constructed of sandstone, mud, and stones. Pueblos consisted of numerous rooms and housed hundreds of people. Ladders made of timber were used to reach the upper levels.

Who built the Aztec ruins?

Who discovered Aztec ruins?

Archaeology & Excavation John Newberry, a geologist, discovered the ruins in 1859. Fortunately, he made extensive records of his initial findings, because the site was looted extensively for the following 30 years, scavenged for both artifacts and building materials.

When was Aztec Ruins National Monument built?

January 24, 1923Aztec Ruins National Monument / Established

What is Aztec ruins National Monument?

Built and occupied over 900 years ago, Aztec Ruins National Monument is the largest Ancestral Pueblo community in the Animas River Valley. In use for over 200 years, the site contains several multi-story buildings called “great houses,” each with a “great kiva”—a circular ceremonial chamber—as well as many smaller structures.

What is the name of the National Monument in New Mexico?

Aztec Ruins National Monument. Aztec Ruins National Monument, archaeological site in northwestern New Mexico, U.S. It is situated on the Animas River, in the city of Aztec, about 10 miles (16 km) south of the Colorado state line. The national monument was established in 1923 and designated a World Heritage site in 1987…

What is the relative location of the Aztec ruins?

/  36.8358370°N 107.9981235°W  / 36.8358370; -107.9981235 The Aztec Ruins National Monument in northwestern New Mexico, USA consists of preserved structures constructed by the Pueblo Indians. The national monument lies on the western bank of the Animas River in Aztec, New Mexico, about 12 miles (19 km) northeast of Farmington.

Are there any ruins in New Mexico?

Although the Aztec Empire came to an end with the Spanish conquest in the 16th century, ruins of many Aztec monuments and buildings remain extant. Archaeological work is ongoing and researchers have already dug up many interesting ruins in the New Mexico city, casting new light on our understanding of the Aztec Empire.