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What is Topy sole?

What is Topy sole?

A topy sole is a rubber sole protector that’s applied to the bottom of leather soled shoes. It is generally a half sole, meaning that it doesn’t run the full length of the sole. Usually from the tip of the leather soles to about where you arch is on your foot. They rarely go all the way to the heel.

How do I protect the rubber soles of my shoes?

You have several ways to protect your shoe soles including these seven:

  1. Anti-slip pads on the bottom of your shoes.
  2. Rubber sole repair or replacement for the bottom of your shoes.
  3. Heel guards for high heels.
  4. Clear Vinyl Sole Sticker Protectors.
  5. Rubberized coating.
  6. Clear Shoe Goo for repairs and protection.
  7. Clean Your Soles.

What is a sole protector?

Sole protectors are thin rubber sheets that can be put at the bottom of soles. They protect your shoes from wear and thus limit the number of times you need to have them resoled.

How can I make my flats last longer?

7 Ways to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

  1. Don’t Use the Washing Machine.
  2. Clean Your Shoes at Regular Intervals.
  3. Protect the Soles.
  4. Spray with Water Protectant.
  5. Stuff Your Shoes with Newspaper.
  6. Store Them in a Safe Place.
  7. Replace the Sole.

Can Chanel shoes be resoled?

Popular service for Chanel shoes include resoling, modifying the soles with half rubber sole protection, repairing or replacing the heels with half rubber or leather heels.

How do you use a sole guard?

Care instructions

  1. Apply Sole Guard sparingly with a dry cotton chamois cloth.
  2. Allow to dry for one hour then reapply if desired. Wipe off any excess liquid not absorbed into the leather.
  3. Leave the second application to dry for a minimum of six hours or overnight, if possible.

How can I protect my expensive shoes?

Always add rubber soles and heel caps. Any shoemaker can do this for you in minutes, and can match most sole colors (even red, ladies.) If your shoes have thin heels, ask the cobbler to also add durable heel caps, which will prevent stilettos from wearing down.

How do you extend the life of a shoe sole?

  1. Extend your shoes’ lifespan by adding taps and half-soles of rubber to the bottoms, especially to leather soles.
  2. Spray new shoes with a waterproof protector before wearing them to prevent stains.

Are Chanel repairs free?

Free-of-charge repair policy applies to: Purses that are less than 1 year old (for all items purchased until April 2021). Purses that are less than 5 years old (for all items purchased since April 2021).