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What guitar did Tommy Iommi use?

What guitar did Tommy Iommi use?

Tony Iommi’s “Monkey” 1964 Gibson SG Special is, of course, an integral element of the sound that spearheaded heavy metal on Black Sabbath’s pioneering early works – and it’s something we’ve grilled the riff-master about at length.

What pickups does Tony Iommi use?

He now owns several Gibsons, including an old Les Paul with three pickups (with the original SG design), a newer model SG, and a Junior, which Leslie West gave him as a present.

What guitar did Tony Iommi play in Black Sabbath?

1964 Gibson SG
Celebrating the iconic status of one of its most esteemed and legendary artists, Gibson is recreating Tony Iommi’s famed ‘Monkey’ 1964 Gibson SG. As the driving force behind Black Sabbath, Iommi is arguably the most important heavy metal musician of the 1970s — perhaps of all-time.

Does Tony Iommi use humbuckers?

Gibson’s Tony Iommi humbucker is a fan favorite among the hard rock and heavy metal crowd. How is that a ‘thing’? For starters, because it’s the first signature pickup from Gibson.

Did Tony Iommi use P90s?

And that’s what I did. I had the pickups potted because they used to whistle, but otherwise I just really liked the sound of the P90s. “And I used to have a treble booster that I would use to overload the amp. And that combination, with the guitar, made my sound.

What guitar was used on paranoid?

To show you we’re not lying, we’ll put it in Iommi’s own words: “On Paranoid I basically used an SG and the Laney. Everybody used HiWatts and Marshalls, but I liked the Laney with 12-inch cabs”.

How did Tony Iommi get the Gibson SG?

Tony bought this guitar in a music store in Birmingham in 1967, and used it as a backup for the Fender Stratocaster that was his main at the time. After the Strat broke during the recording sessions of Black Sabbath, Iommi picked up the SG and finished the album with it.

What kind of guitar did Tony Iommi play?

This guitar was built for Tony circa 1975 by John Birch, who previously worked on Iommi’s SG Special. It featured black finish, 24-fret neck with cross inlays and ebony fretboard, stainless steel pickguard, and it was fitted with two John Birch Magnum pickups.

Is Tony Iommi left handed or right handed?

This guitar was actually right handed, and Tony was forced to play it upside down. Sometime after the band finished recording their debut album, Iommi bumped into a guy who played a left-handed SG identical to his, but was right-handed.

What year was Tony Iommi’s White SG made?

While we can see old footage of Iommi using this triple-humbucker white SG, the instrument was used only for a brief period. Sharp guitar-loving eyes were able to pin this instrument’s manufacturing year to either 1962 or 1963. Depending on the year of production, the guitar was marketed either as a Les Paul Custom or an SG Custom model.