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What is a Redcare system?

What is a Redcare system?

BT Redcare offers a secure form of alarm monitoring. The service provides continuous monitoring of a BT telephone line that links a professionally installed alarm system on your premises to an alarm receiving centre. The result is continuous protection of your property, every second of the day, 365 days a year.

How does BT Redcare work?

BT Redcare GSM uses a secure BT phone line with the added protection of a GSM radio backup path. In the event of either path being tampered with or developing faults, the other one continues to work and monitor the system for any alarm triggers, transmitting them as confirmed activations.

What is a Redcare GSM alarm?

A BT Redcare GSM alarm is capable of sending out a confirmed activation signal if either the primary landline or secondary radio path is lost, regardless of which one is lost first. Redcare offers the most secure form of alarm monitoring available.

Why choose Redcare secure for your fire alarm signalling?

It’s also a legal requirement for any equipment connected to fire safety systems to be third-party certified. Redcare Secure Products are certified for both fire and intruder alarm signalling so one device can be used for both jobs. We’re the only alarm signalling company who are certified to offer this.

Can BT Redcare alarm monitoring be installed on an existing alarm system?

A BT Redcare alarm monitoring system can be installed on an existing alarm security system as well. However, you might require a block terminal to enable your security alarm to be connected to your telephone line. You can contact us for professional advice along with the charges it will incur. WHY IS BT REDCARE GSM IMPORTANT?

How does it work with the Redcare system?

It combines two secure paths; the Redcare landline connection and a GSM radio backup path. In the event of a line tamper, the system enables the alarm system to be monitored by the radio backup path.

What is the BT Redcare network?

The BT Redcare network is a dedicated network used by no other system ensuring there is no risk of the signal getting lost due to interference. End-to-end encryption ensures that the data transmitted through the BT phone line or GSM radio remains encrypted, hidden and inaccessible for unauthorized users.