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What is injector opening time?

What is injector opening time?

It is the amount of time between the point where the ECU told the injector to open and then told it to close, where the injector was not actually open or was not flowing at its peak flow.

What is injector duty cycle?

The amount of time an injector is turned on and delivering fuel is known as the duty cycle. This is measured as a percent, so 50% duty cycle indicates that the injector is held open and held closed for an equal amount of time.

What is a Viton O ring?

Viton® O-Rings Viton is a brand of synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer commonly used in O-rings and other molded extruded goods. Viton is a registered trademark of DuPont and is sometimes generically referred to as FKM.

What are injector seals?

Fuel injector o rings are a component that is found on virtually all vehicles equipped with fuel injectors. The injector o rings that seal the tip of the injector with the intake manifold and fuel rail.

How much boost should a 12.7 Detroit have?

You can apply maximum boost pressure of 15 psi and listen for any air leaks.

How do you know if an injector is bad on a diesel?

Signs of diesel fuel injector wear

  1. Fluctuating power. If your vehicle is revving inconsistently or your RPM gauge is up and down, this may be a sign your fuel injector needs a clean.
  2. Misfiring. Do you find your vehicle misfiring on ignition?
  3. Fuel odours.
  4. Reduced fuel economy.

What is injector lag?

Injector “lag” time is the time it takes for an injector to open (OT) form the time it has been energized until it is fully open. There is also a close time that you do not hear about very often (CT).

How do you calculate injectors duty cycle?

If a fuel injector is activated for 15 ms (the IPW) at 3000 rpm the duty cycle is 37.5% (15 ms/40 ms), or rpm times IPW divided by 1200 equals IDC in percent. If an injector is powered for 15 ms at 6000 rpm, then IDC is 75% (15 ms/20 ms).