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What is the best robotic total station?

What is the best robotic total station?

Check Out the best Total Stations

  • Leica iCON CC80 Tablet Computer.
  • Leica iCON iCT30 Construction Layout Tool.
  • ICON iCR80 Robotic Construction Total Station.
  • Leica Geosystems iCON iCB70 Manual Construction Total Station.
  • ICON iCR70 Construction Robotic Total Station.
  • Leica iCON iCB50 Manual Construction Total Station.

How do I download data from Leica total station?

Exporting Data from Leica Total Station (TCR1105)

  1. Open the Leica Survey Office software on your laptop or PC computer.
  2. Click on the Coordinate Editor icon from the Main Tools menu.
  3. Open the Raw Data File “measured job”.

How do you find the coordinates of a total station?

1) Once oriented select the OBSERVATION option. 2) Place a prism on the unknown point keeping the staff of the prism as vertically erect as possible. 3) Check the height of Prism/Reflector and enter the value in total station (HR or R.HT) 4) Target the prism and press the MEAS (measure) function key.

How accurate are robotic total stations?

Each total station has an electro n i c distance meter (EDM). Through either laser technology or infrared sensors, it can precisely measure the distance fro m the instrument to the target within mil- limeter accuracy. Precision tolerances of 1/1 0 0 foot (less than 1/1 6 inch) in 1000 feet are typical.

What is the procedure for setting out?

Setting out is the process of developing the physical positions of corners and walls of a building, and it’s done by transferring dimensions from the layout plan.

How do you set up a Leica total station?

Turn on the total station by pressing the on key found on the lower right hand side of the key-pad. First press the Shift key and then press the button with the headlamp icon on it to initialize the Electronic Level tool. The red plummet laser should now become activated and visible on the ground.

How do you calibrate a total station?

All total stations and MultiStations, offered by Leica Geosystems can be re-calibrated by the user. The user calibration feature is called “Check & Adjust” or just “Adjust” depending on the field software. Within Leica Captivate the user calibration function can be found in Settings > TS Instrument > Check & Adjust.

What is the accuracy of 1 second in total station?

Distance measurement Most total stations use purpose-built glass prism (surveying) reflectors for the EDM signal. A typical total station can measure distances up to 1,500 meters (4,900 ft) with an accuracy of about 1.5 millimeters (0.059 in) ± 2 parts per million.

How often should a total station be calibrated?

every three to six months
How often does a total station need to be calibrated by the user? It is recommended to do a user calibration on a regular basis, every three to six months. A reminder can be set within the Check & Adjust routine.

What are the disadvantages of total station?

1: The worker cannot able to observe at the time of working because it complicates his work. 2: To perform the work completely it’s needed to go back to the office and perform drawings with particular software. 3: The instrument is not cheap and is very expensive.