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What was Bella thinking when she kissed Jacob?

What was Bella thinking when she kissed Jacob?

As Bella is kissing Jacob, she visualizes a future with him and realizes that she is in love with him after all. Edward learns about this kiss while it goes on because “Jacob’s thoughts are very loud”. Despite Bella realizing her feelings for Jacob, she stays by her decision, leaving him heartbroken.

Does Bella ever fall in love with Jacob?

Bella falls in love with Jacob in New Moon. I think it’s easy to understand why this fact doesn’t occur to her. Bella has only fallen in love one time, and it was a very sudden, dramatic, sweep-you-off-your-feet, change-your-world, magical, passionate, all-consuming thing (see: Twilight).

What did Bella say to Jacob at the movies?

Bella (to Jacob): “Jake… I love you… so please, don’t make me choose. Because it will be him. It’s always been him.”

What did Jacob say before he almost kissed Bella?

Trivia (71) Just before Jacob almost kisses Bella, he says “Kwop kilawtley,” which means “stay with me forever” in Quileute.

Why was Jacob so obsessed with Bella?

Jacob Was Attracted To Bella Because Of Her Baby He imprinted on her immediately. Since Jacob was into Bella before she was even pregnant, it could have been an attraction to her genetics and the child she would eventually create.

Why did Bella let Jacob kiss her?

Bella kissed him to make sure she doesn’t love him as anything more than a friend or brother, which some might see as her playing with Jacob’s feelings, but other fans have interpreted it the other way around.

Why was Jacob mad at Bella’s wedding?

Bella tells him that she and Edward plan to have a normal honeymoon before she becomes a vampire. Jacob becomes enraged, because he knows that Edward’s vampire strength could kill her.

Why is Edward attracted to Bella’s blood?

During biology class, Edward reacted with disgust towards her, as if she was nauseating to him, and it was later revealed this was because the scent of her blood was irresistible to him.

Why did Bella not chose Jacob?

Finally, the fact that Bella views Edward as a better parent figure and provider than Jacob may have swayed her decision. Bella chose Edward over Jacob because Edward associates more with Bella, is more similar to her, and appears to Bella as a better parent and provider.

Why did Bella get mad when Jacob imprinted?

Bella’s Anger At His Imprinting Is Hypocritical While she’s a little unsure about the concept of imprinting at first, she comes around to it after Jacob explains that even if they imprint on a young girl, like Quil, who imprints on a two-year-old, their feelings won’t be romantic until she is of age.

Does Renesmee know Jacob imprinted on her?

Bella is completely enraged when she learns that Jacob has imprinted on her baby, threatening him to stay away from Renesmee, and then lunges for his throat when she finds out that he has nicknamed the baby “Nessie”, the nickname of the Loch Ness Monster.