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Who owns Truckstops of America?

Who owns Truckstops of America?

TravelCenters of America said late Wednesday it has acquired fellow truck stop chain Petro Stopping Centers for about $700 million. TravelCenters of America’s parent company Hospitality Properties Trust acquired 40 Petro travel centers and leased them to TA under a long-term lease.

Are truck stops profitable?

Similar to convenience stores, restaurants–if run well–are also where truck stops can stand to make a significant amount of money. A good truck stop restaurant can draw truckers to a location more than any other amenity, and the potential for profit is large.

How do truckstops work?

A truck stop, known as a service station in the United Kingdom, and a travel center by major chains in the United States, is a commercial facility which provides refueling, rest (parking), and often ready-made food and other services to motorists and truck drivers.

Do truck stops offer showers?

Most Truck stops showers resemble a professional hotel, and usually offer free showers if you pay more than $50 in diesel fuel.

What does TA in TA truck stop stand for?

TravelCenters of America
TravelCenters of America (TA) is an operator of truck stops and travel centers in the United States, with approximately 270 full-service locations along the Interstate Highway System in 44 U.S. states and in Canada, plus standalone restaurants in more than 10 states, as of 2018.

Is a truck stop a good investment?

Building or owning and operating a travel plaza or truck stop can be an excellent investment and income opportunity.

What do truckers want from a truck stop?

Like other travelers, truckers expect truck stops to have: Clean fuel islands. Clean restrooms (with decent toilet paper) Clean hot-water showers (hair dryers and toiletries a plus)

How much revenue does a truck stop make?

Its average truck stop has annual sales ranging from $4 million to $15 million. It also offers a nationwide credit system so truckers can charge purchases on company accounts, cash checks, wire for money, or use major credit cards, enabling them to buy fuel with one credit card in several states.

Can non truckers sleep at truck stops?

4. You Can Often Sleep Overnight at Them. A truck stop is a good location when you need a quick, convenient stopover for a night. You probably knew that truckers slept there, but non-truckers can, too.

How long can you shower at a loves?

But make sure you remember to use them! They expire after 10 days with Gold status and seven days with Base status. Diamond and Platinum members get free showers every day! How do I purchase a shower?