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Why did the Wallaces threaten the Averys?

Why did the Wallaces threaten the Averys?

He threatened them with a chain gang if they can’t pay their debts. Why is Mama afraid for Mr. Morrison, Papa, and Stacey? They are going to Vicksburg to pick up things from the store (still not shopping at the Wallace store) and she is afraid that something bad will happen to them.

Why doesn’t Papa want Hammer to find out what the Wallaces did to him?

Papa doesn’t want Uncle Hammer to know about the problem. Papa doesn’t want to risk Uncle Hammer’s temper. They thought he would go after them and get in trouble.

Why did Mr Avery and some other sharecroppers decide not to shop in Vicksburg?

Avery and some other sharecroppers decide not to shop at Vicksburg? The decided not to because Mr. Granger started to make it hard on them by raising the fee for sharecropping on his land which would make it harder for them to pay back their debts.

How does Papa save TJ?

Papa sacrifices his own cotton and puts himself in danger when he starts the fire to save TJ’s life.

Why do RW and Melvin beat up TJ?

The Simms brothers beat T.J. because he threatened to tell what happened earlier that night.

Who is LT in roll of thunder?

Stacey Logan He is 12 years old. He understands the concept of prejudice and inequality. He is a strong leader among his siblings. He is on the cusp of becoming a man, and adjusting his behaviour and attitude accordingly.

Who is Mr Granger in roll of thunder?

Harlan Granger was a well respected white man who owned vast amounts of land in Mississippi during the Great Depression (1933). Although Mr. Granger owned so much land, he still wanted the 400 acres that the Logan’s owned. Nevertheless, he was a greedy man who would do anything to regain possession of his land.

How does Papa’s leg get injured?

Answers 4. While Papa is repairing a sabotaged wagon wheel, a truck pulls up and fires–a bullet grazes his head. Then the horse rears up in fright and pulls the wagon wheel over Papa’s leg, because Stacey cannot hold the horse back.

Who dies in roll of thunder?

They are around 18 and 19 years old and they befriend T.J. Avery so he will steal things for them. In the end, R.W. accidentally kills Mr. Barnett and lets T.J.

Why did Stacey get whipped in school?

Why did Stacey get whipped? His mother, the teacher, though that he had been cheating on a test. Instead of explaining that TJ was the cheater and had slipped the notes to him to get rid of them , Stacey accepted the punishment that should have been for TJ.

How did TJ get so badly injured?

After the three made their escape, T.J. demanded to be taken home. The Simms brothers refused, and T.J. threatened to tell everyone about what had just happened. They then beat him and went to play pool, leaving T.J. gravely injured in the back of their truck. T.J.

How old is Cassie Logan?

Cassie Logan is a 10-year-old African-American girl living in Mississippi in the 1930s. In her childhood, she has to look past skin color and racist actions to help improve her acceptance in society. Throughout the book, Cassie experiences many different forms of racism.

How did Cassie almost get TJ whipped?

The Logans—other than Stacey—don’t like T.J. very much. He reveals that Cassie almost got him in trouble by telling his mother that he had gone to the dancing room in the Wallace store. He got out of it by blaming his brother, Claude, instead, and Claude took a beating for it.

Why are Cassie and Stacey allowed to Strawberry?

Avery asked if she would take T.J. to pick up some items in Strawberry that they couldn’t get at the Wallace store. And now the reason why Cassie is allowed to go becomes clear: Big Ma doesn’t want to ride for twenty-two miles listening to T.J.’s unceasing chatter. Strawberry is nothing like what Cassie imagines.

Who is Big Ma in roll of thunder?

Caroline Logan
Big Ma is the Logan children’s grandmother, but she’s not sitting around doing needlepoint portraits of her Chihuahuas. She’s tall and strong, and her hands are big and rough from all her hard work (2.1).

Who died in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry?

T.J ends his friendship with Stacey and befriends two brothers, R.W. and Melvin Simms, who are white. The Simms boys convince T.J. to help them burgle the Barnett store. In the process, the Barnetts are killed and the Simms boys set T.J.

Why does Papa start the fire?

Yes, Papa started the fire on purpose to serve as a distraction, so TJ could be taken safely to jail to face the charges for his crime. Papa thought the loss of his crop preferrable to the lynching of a young man. He wasn’t trying to save his life, but he didn’t want him murdered either.

How old is Cassie in roll of thunder?

ten years old
Cassie is the first-person narrator of the novel. At ten years old, she is the second oldest and the only female child in her family.

What does TJ look like in Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

TJ is a ‘tall emaciated -looking’, poor boy of thirteen/ fourteen years of age. His family are sharecroppers who work for Harlan Granger. He along with his younger brother Claude walk to school with the Logan children.