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Does SiriusXM Onyx have Bluetooth?

Does SiriusXM Onyx have Bluetooth?

Listen to SiriusXM Radio at home via Bluetooth with this bundle. The bundle includes the new SiriusXM Onyx EZR Receiver with Bluetooth Dock and home accessories. Simply install the indoor/outdoor antenna, connect the power, and setup the Bluetooth dock to transmit to your home stereo and you are all set.

How do I connect my XM Ready Bluetooth?

Place the SiriusXM Radio into the Bluetooth Vehicle Dock. If the Radio does not turn on automatically, press the power button to turn it on. B. Press and hold the Bluetooth Button for 4 seconds until the Bluetooth Indicator LED turns from blue to red and begins alternately blinking blue and red (one second blink).

How do I install Sirius Onyx radio?

  1. 1 Pick a Spot for Your Radio.
  2. 3 Connect the Audio to Your Vehicle’s Stereo.
  3. 4 Finish the Installation and Power On.
  4. 2 Mount the Magnetic Mount Antenna.
  5. 5 PowerConnect.
  6. Find an Available FM Channel in Your Area.
  7. Tune your Vehicle’s FM Radio.
  8. Set Your Onyx Plus to Transmit on the Same FM Channel.

How do I tune my Sirius radio?

Turn on your SIRIUS radio. Press and hold the MENU button to access the FM channel number list on your SIRIUS radio. Tune to the channel that matches the SIRIUS preset on your vehicle radio.

Can I play Sirius through Bluetooth?

Tap the Bluetooth device name and Lynx will connect to the device. If successful, the Connected to… message will be displayed below your Bluetooth device name. You should now hear the SiriusXM audio playing through the selected Bluetooth device.

Is Sirius Radio Bluetooth compatible?

SiriusXM™ Radio has manufactured a vehicle cradle with built-in Bluetooth capability. This changes the game for Satellite Radio and brings them fully into the wireless marketplace.

Why is my SiriusXM Bluetooth not working?

Be sure the vehicle’s audio system input is set to the Bluetooth source. (Some audio systems won’t reconnect unless the Bluetooth source is re-selected.) Confirm your vehicle audio system’s Bluetooth audio source is set to auto-reconnect. Tap the Bluetooth button to re-connect the dock to the vehicle’s audio system.

How do I connect my Sirius to my car?


  1. If you are a SiriusXM® subscriber and would like to add a new vehicle to your existing SiriusXM® account or transfer your services from a previous vehicle, visit or call (855) 236-9236.
  2. Tune your radio dial to channel 0.
  3. The radio ID should display.

How do I connect my phone to SiriusXM?

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Install the SiriusXM app on your Android device.
  2. Connect your device to your Android Auto-enabled radio via USB cable.
  3. Ensure you are logged into the SiriusXM app on your mobile device, access the Music tab on the dashboard interface and then select SiriusXM.

How do I set up SiriusXM in my car?

  1. Call 866-635-8634.
  2. At the prompt, speak your Radio ID (also called an ESN or SID)
  3. Say “Yes” to confirm that you are ready to receive your activation signal now.
  4. Listen to the instructions for receiving your activation signal. If you have any further questions, say “Listener Care” to speak to an agent.

Can I Bluetooth SiriusXM to my car?

How do I set favorite channels on Sirius?

While a channel is playing, scroll down to the section named “Shows on [Channel Name]”, click on the Contextual Menu and then click on the Favorites star -OR- While a channel is playing, click on the Channel logo and then scroll down to a show, click on the Contextual Menu, and then click on the Favorites star -OR-

How do you manually tune a car radio?

How to tune to a radio station on car stereo

  1. Press the SOURCE, HOME, or MODE button on the main unit of the car stereo, and then select radio or Tuner.
  2. Select band (AM or FM).
  3. To tune automatically, touch the SEEK- or SEEK+ button on the Main unit or Screen display.

How do I tune Onyx to Sirius XM Radio?

Once you have found an available FM channel, you’ll need to tune OnyX and your vehicle’s radio to the same FM channel to receive XM audio through your vehicle’s radio. We recommend one of the following methods to find an available FM channel: 1 Use the SiriusXM FM Channel Finder

What features does SiriusXM Onyx offer?

XM OnyX has these exciting features to enhance your overall experience: • Hear SiriusXM through your existing vehicle radio with easy, do-it-yourself installation. • Choose the display color that matches your dash lights, and personalize with the trim rings.

What is the XM Onyx with Vehicle Kit?

Introduction Features Thank you for purchasing the XM OnyX with Vehicle Kit! XM OnyX has these exciting features to enhance your overall experience: • Hear SiriusXM through your existing vehicle radio with easy, do-it-yourself installation. • Choose the display color that matches your dash lights, and personalize with the trim rings.

Where do I find the XM radio ID on my Onyx?

Page 102 Owners Record The Radio model number is located below and the XM Radio ID is located on the label on the back of OnyX. Record the XM Radio ID in the space provided below. Refer to these numbers whenever you call your dealer regarding this product. Radio Model Number: XDNX1 XM Radio ID:___________________________…

Can you get a lifetime subscription to Sirius radio?

who purchased a paid subscription from Sirius XM (or one of its predecessors) that was marketed as a “lifetime plan” or “lifetime subscription” will receive a “lifetime subscription” that can actually last for their lifetime.

Can Sirius play through Bluetooth speakers?

How do I get free XM radio in my car?

Sirius said anyone who’s not already a SiriusXM subscriber can download the SiriusXM app or go to, and start listening free of charge, with no credit card or commitment required.

Is there another satellite besides Sirius?

SiriusXM competitors include SoundCloud, Amazon, Apple, Spotify and iHeartMedia.

How do I install Sirius Onyx?