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How do you care for clivia in NZ?

How do you care for clivia in NZ?

Dappled shade is the most suitable location for growing clivia outdoors. They will also thrive in heavy shade but may flower erratically. When planted in full sun, the foliage turns yellow and scorches. Clivia also tolerate poor, dry soils.

When can you transplant clivias NZ?

Clivia is usually divided or propagated in spring after flowering, although this may be carefully done all year round. Ensure each section has adequate fleshy roots, and avoid damaging the fleshy base of the plant. Clumps should only need dividing every three to five years.

What time of year do clivias flower?

Most bloom in spring, but flowering times do vary, depending on the species Clivia gardenii, for instance, blooms from autumn to spring, bringing welcome colour to the winter garden. They produce strong flower stems that are topped with heads of large funnel-shaped flowers in vibrant hues of yellow, orange, and red.

How often should you water clivia?

During the spring and summer growing seasons, a clivia needs regular watering but should be allowed to become dry to the touch between waterings. An automatic weekly watering will often be too much and can cause rot. Fertilize once a month with a half-strength dilute solution of 20-20-20 fertilizer.

How often should you water a clivia?

Why is clivia expensive?

Prices are high, he added, for a reason. “It is not an easy plant to propagate, and a flowering clivia will be several years old,” Wadsworth said. “It takes a lot of inputs to get a plant up to flowering size.”

How often should clivia be watered?

A Clivia needs moderate irrigation. It is sufficient to water once a week and keep the soil a little moist. In the winter period it is sufficient to water once every 2 weeks.

What is Clivia Clivia?

Clivia is a genus of herbaceous perennial flowering plants native to southern Africa in the Amaryllis (onion) family. The vibrant orange to reddish flowers makes this bulb stand out. It is commonly used as a houseplant but can be mass planted outdoors in mild climates along a border or walkway.

How tall do Clivias grow?

Learn how to grow clivias in your garden. Read our Clivia growing guide and find out how to plant, grow, propagate and maintain clivia plants. Name: clivia, Clivia miniata (fire lily, kaffir lily, bush lily), Clivia nobilis (natal clivia, drooping clivia, greentip fire lily). Height: usually 35–75cm. Plant type: herbaceous evergreen perennial.

Is Clivia poisonous to humans?

This plant has low severity poison characteristics. Clivia is a genus of herbaceous perennial flowering plants native to southern Africa in the Amaryllis (onion) family.

How do I know when my Clivias are ready to plant?

Plant bulbs 6″-12″ apart at a depth of 1″. Clivias can take 3-5 years to bloom from seed so it is best to buy a mature plant. Leaves are dark green, thick, and strap-like. Leaves are glossy with a leathery texture. Insects, Diseases, and Other Plant Problems: Overwatering can cause crown rot. Overhead watering can cause leaf diseases such as rust.