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How many times we can take EOL?

How many times we can take EOL?

xi. On any single occasion a staff member can avail himself of EOL (including leave at credit that may be attached) for a maximum of 2 years or the eligible period as per 1:5 norms, whichever is less. xii. There must be a minimum interval of 3 years between two consecutive periods of long leave.

Is study leave counted as continuous service?

11(1) Study leave shall count as service for promotion, pension, seniority and increments, provided that in the case of a member of the Service who, at the time of proceeding on study leave, was officiating in a higher post the study leave shall count for increments to the extent indicated by Government from time to …

Does EOL affect seniority?

The rule with regard to regular employee taking EOL with valid medical certificate and sanction is very much clear. A regular employee will not loose his seniority in such a scenario.

Do we get salary during EOL?

20 (1) A member of the Service on earned leave is entitled to leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on earned leave, 20 (2) A member of the Service on half pay leave or leave not due is entitled to leave salary equal to half the amount specified in sub-rule (1).

What is commuted leave?

2(a) ‘commuted leave’ means leave taken under rule 13; 2(b) ‘completed year of service’ means continuous service of the specified. duration under the Government and includes periods spent on duty as well. as on leave including extraordinary leave; 2(c) ‘duty’ means duty as a member of the Service and includes:—

What is FR 17 rule?

FR 17-A. The said provision inter alia provides that where an individual employee remains. absent unauthorisedly or deserts the post, the period of such absence shall be deemed to cause. an interruption or break in service of the employee, unless otherwise decided by the.

Who is eligible for commuted leave?

13(2) Commuted leave for a period not exceeding ninety days may be granted to a member of the Service during his entire service when such leave is availed of for course of study which is certified to be in public interest by the Government.

Can we take HPL for half day?

It can be accumulated up to 300 days in addition to the number of days for which encashment has been allowed along with LTC. Maximum of 180 days at a time can be availed in the case of Earned Leave. 2. Half Pay Leave :- All Government servants are entitled to 20 days of HPL for every completed year of service.

What is FR 22 rule?

FR 22-B: Governs fixation of pay of a government servant who is appointed as a probationer or on probation or as an apprentice in another service/cadre.

What is the leave policy for shops in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu. Leave for Shops & Establishment. Type Of Leave. Leave Entitlement. Max Carry Forward Days. Casual Leave (Days) 12 days (during the first twelve months and further continuous service) Not Applicable. Sick Leave.

What is the length of maternity leave in Tamil Nadu 2021?

G.O Ms.No.84 Dt: August 23, 2021 2MB Tamil Nadu Fundamental Rules – Maternity Leave – Enhancement of Maternity Leave from 9 months (270 days) to 12 months (365 days) – Orders – Issued.

What is Rule 7A of Tamil Nadu leave rules 1933?

G.O Ms.No.12 Dt: February 08, 2021 448KB Fundamental Rules – Rule 7A of Tamil Nadu Leave Rules, 1933 – Periodical surrender of Earned Leave and payment of leave salary – Suspended for a year – Amendment to Tamil Nadu Leave Rules, 1933 – Issued.

What is the earned leave policy for temporary government servants?

In the case of Temporary Government Servant in Superior service and Basic servants who have put in less than 5 years of service, the Earned Leave to be credited during a half-year shall be reduced by 1/20th of the periodof such leave and /or dies-non, subject to a maximum of 8 days.