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How much is a BCS walk behind tractor?

How much is a BCS walk behind tractor?

Our most popular walk behind tractor, the 853 has enough horsepower to power nearly all the BCS implements and features a third working speed and a fourth transport speed for rear-mount (tiller) mode….Model 853.

Retail Price Sale Price
Electric start – Honda 13HP Gasoline $5670.00 $5545.00

How much does a BCS cost?

BCS Farm & Garden Equipment

Description Tractor only Price
Tractor with 11hp Honda GX340 engine (recoil start) 3200
Tractor with 11hp Honda GX340 engine (electric start) 3520
Tractor w/13hp Honda GX390 engine hydraulic clutch (recoil start) Now with5x12 wheels and tires 4075

Where is BCS equipment made?

The factory, still located in Abbiategrasso, just outside Milan, continues to expand to meet the growing demand for these all-gear-driven, multi-purpose tractors that are built to provide customers decades of reliable service.

Are BCS tractors any good?

The BCS is a great option for somebody who doesn’t have the resources to purchase a large tractor, or somebody who has the need for a number of specialty attachments. It’s also great exercise because you get to walk along with it. This is really the perfect tool for the small market gardener (or the crazy hobbiest).

Is a BCS tractor worth it?

For less than $5000 (USD), the BCS tractor offers an incredible amount of value to your farm and provides a single, powerful piece of equipment that can support numerous activities with just one power unit.

How much does a BCS weigh?

The BCS 853 also features individual left and right wheel brakes to increase maneuverability. This is especially helpful when making frequent turns….Specifications.

Engine Honda GX390 (13 HP)
Weight 342 pounds (with 30” tiller)
Working Speeds 3 forward, 3 reverse
Working Wheel Speeds 0.9, 2.0 and 3.0 MPH

Is BCS a degree?

The Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (abbreviated BCompSc or BCS or BSCS or B.Sc. CS) is a type of bachelor’s degree awarded after collegiate study in computer science.

How many acres is a BCS tractor?

Most walk-behind owners are cultivating just a few acres; rarely more than three. Jean-Martin Fortier, author of the well-known handbook, The Market Gardener, has developed an efficient and profitable farming system utilizing a BCS on 1.5 acres of land.

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How much is a BCS 853?

PRICING: BCS 852 or BCS 853 Honda GX390 13HP Gas, manual start ‚Äč(Retail $5,330, our price $5,060, CALLor EMAIL FOR SPECIAL SALE PRICE!

Can I do BCS after 12th science?

BCS admission is possible for the aspirants in a college of their choice if they meet the minimum eligibility criteria. The BCS eligibility criteria include candidates who must have secured at least 50% in 10+2 exams from any recognized board with Computer Science as a mandatory subject.

What is BCS job?

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What is a good BCS?

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What is BCS on vet report?

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How much does a BCS tractor weigh?

342 pounds

Engine Honda GX390 (13 HP)
Weight 342 pounds (with 30” tiller)
Working Speeds 3 forward, 3 reverse
Working Wheel Speeds 0.9, 2.0 and 3.0 MPH
Transport Wheel Speed 9.2 MPH