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Is NAO and Lladro the same?

Is NAO and Lladró the same?

NAO has always been part of the Lladro Group ownded by the Lladro family. NAO porcelains are produced in the company’s own local workshops located in Valencia Spain.

Are NAO figurines made by Lladró?

Nao figurines are hand-made in Spain by highly skilled Lladro artisans. The Nao collection numbers almost 300 elegant life inspired porcelain figurines created to illustrate the unforgettable moments of life.

What is the NAO mark?

Naomarks consist of black circles with white triangle fans centered at the circle’s center. The specific location of the different triangle fans is used to distinguish one Naomark from the others.

What are Nao figurines made of?

Our figurines are the result of a seamless combination of handcrafted work with the most innovative porcelain-making techniques. The experience of NAO professionals coupled with the company ‘s track record in this sector accounts for our products’ outstanding quality.

Who makes NAO?

Nao (robot)

Robocup, 2016
Manufacturer SoftBank Robotics (previously Aldebaran Robotics)
Country France
Year of creation 2008 (first public version)
Type Humanoid robot

Are Lladró figurines always marked?

Regardless of the style of the logo, Lladró’s porcelain pieces will always be marked with the brand’s name on the bottom.

What is Nao China?

Nao’s porcelain reflects the Ancient Roman tradition of ceramic creations. The Chinashop® offer over 300 hand-crafted, artisanal figurines that beautifully encapsulate the sensation of real-life experiences, such as dance and romance.

When was NAO made?

It was released to institutions in 2008, and was made publicly available by 2011. Various upgrades to the Nao platform have since been released, including the 2011 Nao Next Gen and the 2014 Nao Evolution. Nao robots have been used for research and education purposes in numerous academic institutions worldwide.

Are porcelain figurines valuable?

Because this porcelain lace was so delicate, it is difficult to find antique examples in pristine condition. Even small figures with a little damage are worth $100 or more. However, if you can find a figurine in excellent shape with multiple figures, it can be worth thousands of dollars.

How much is a NAO V6?

If you trade in a regular NAO V6, it costs $9,500. To ensure clear communication, we’re definitely willing to have a conversation with anyone who’s interested in going over the details. This way, we can learn more about your vision and resources and recommend the best solution for your situation.