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What percentage of the US population was Black in 2020?

What percentage of the US population was Black in 2020?

In 2020, the Black or African American alone population (41.1 million) accounted for 12.4% of all people living in the United States, compared with 38.9 million and 12.6% in 2010.

What is the Black population in 2022?

According to the 2018 United States Census estimates, the United States population is approximately 14.6% Black or African American, which equals 47.8 million people. The Black-only population is 13.4%….Black Population by State 2022.

State Black Black (%)
Indiana 720,476 10.53%
Nevada 322,756 9.97%
Kentucky 418,010 9.32%
Massachusetts 643,622 9.30%

Which U.S. state has the highest Black population?

Texas has the largest Black state population With more than 3.9 million Black people in 2019, Texas is home to the largest Black population in the U.S. Florida has the second largest population at 3.8 million, and Georgia is home to 3.6 million Black people.

What percent of the US is White 2021?

As of 2020, white people (including Hispanic whites) numbered 204,277,273 or 61.6% of the population and Non-Latino whites make up 57.8% of the country’s population….

Demographics of the United States
Under 18 years 22.2% (2021)
18–44 years 35.9% (2021)
45–64 years 25.2% (2021)
65 and over 16.8% (2021)

What major city has the least black people?

The Least Diverse Big Cities in America

  • El Paso, Texas.
  • Detroit, Michigan.
  • Lexington, Kentucky.
  • Portland, Oregon.
  • Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Memphis, Tennessee.

What city has the largest black middle class?

Washington, DC
The African American middle class exists throughout the United States, particularly in the Northeast and in the South, with the largest contiguous majority black middle class neighborhoods being in the Washington, DC suburbs in Maryland.

What US city has the largest black population?

When it comes to states of residence, Texas is home to the largest Black population, at about 3.9 million. Florida comes in a close second with 3.8 million, and Georgia comes in third, with 3.6 million. The most populous metropolitan area of residence for all Black people in 2019 is New York City, with 3.8 million.

What state has the largest black population?

Texas has the largest Black population with over 3.9 million. State by state, the highest number of Black Americans could be found in Texas (3.96 million), Florida (3.70 million), Georgia (3.54 million), New York state (3.53 million), and California (2.83 million).

What percent of American population is black?

That figure grew from about 800,000 in 1980. According to the report, 9.5 million Black immigrants are expected to live in the U.S. by 2060. The Black population represents all those who self-identify as Black. The analysis also found that the Black immigrant population is projected to outpace the growth of the U.S.-born Black population.

What is the fastest growing ethnicity in the US?

The Asian population grew by 3.0 percent to 21.4 million.

  • People who identified as being of two or more races grew by 3.0 percent to 8.5 million.
  • The Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander population grew by 2.1 percent to 1.5 million.
  • The Hispanic population (including all races) grew by 2.0 percent to 57.5 million.