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How do I appraise my comic books?

How do I appraise my comic books?

Most auction houses have archives of their previously-sold items. If they’ve sold comic books before, they might be able to appraise your collection (or know someone suitable for the job). If you’re looking to sell your collection, an auction house could also help get you a good price.

Where can I take comic books to get appraised?

Your Local Comic Book Store Local comic book stores are experts in your local market but also have broad understanding of the dynamics of the industry. They could be a great first-place to get an appraisal.

Is there a comic book appraisal app? is now on your Android or Apple devices. Take it with you anywhere.

What is the best comic book grading company?

Starting in 2000, CGC revolutionized comic book collecting with accurate and impartial grading and state-of-the-art protective holders. Today, CGC is the definitive leader in comic book certification.

How much should I sell my comic books for?

Stores will sometimes pay around $25 per long box.” Cotter-Cairns says the average value of a comic book is around 25 cents, but “if you go to a comic book store carrying boxes filled with thousands of primarily low-demand comics from the 1990s to today, you’ll be lucky to get five cents each for them.

What is the best comic book database?

The Best Comic Book Apps For Organizing Your Collection

  • Buy digital.
  • ComicTrack.
  • iCollect Comic Books.
  • Key Collector Comics App.
  • CLZ Comics.
  • Comic Geeks.
  • goodreads.

Where can I grade my comics?

Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) is the world’s leading third-party grading service for comic books, trading cards, magazines, concert posters and more.

Can I grade my own comic books?

To grade a comic book, start by examining the cover through a magnifying glass for things like folds or fingerprints. Then, check the spine for small tears or folds, or spine break, which is a tear near the staples. Once you’ve finished checking the cover, count the pages of the comic to make sure none are missing.

What is the best way to sell comics?

If possible, sell in person Working with a dealer or being able to assess a collection’s physical condition can be a good way to get the best deal, especially if you’re willing to be patient. While sites like eBay or Sell My Comic Books can be good, you might be able to get a slightly better deal in person.

Is there an app for comic book collectors?

Key Collector Comics App Rather than acting as a catalog for your entire comic book collection, Key Collector is there to help you identify the valuable comic books in your collection. In other words, it’s for those for who their collection is an investment.