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Is an Evo a good track car?

Is an Evo a good track car?

Decent engine tune and mods, quality suspension and tyres and at Tsukuba for example, these highly modified & stripped out ones are generally the fastest street cars despite being slow in standard form. They also seem quite reliable. Having said that, if your Evo is a good one, it won’t give you any grief at all.

How much power can a stock Evo 9 make?

With proper tuning you can hit near 400 hp on the IX turbo. I was making about 380 hp @ 25 psi WITHOUT alky.

How much horsepower does a Evo 9 make?

Many years later, the Evo IX was introduced. Known by many to be the last legendary Lancer Evolution before the Evo 10’s introduction, it was powered by the iconic 4G63 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with the variable valve timing. This generation of Evo produced 286 horsepower and 289 lb-ft of torque.

Is an Evo a coupe?

Ultima Sports Ltd, proud British holder of numerous world records, can offer its spectacular Ultima EVO in both Coupe and Convertible form.

What parts are in the Toyota Evo 9 build?

Aside from a number of aftermarket components, the Evo 9 build also kept a few stock Evo parts, such as the oil pump, which Arlington made some tweaks to, and the timing belt, which comes with Kevlar from the factory. “A lot of lot of factory parts on the Evo 9 hold up to the power,” Yaghoubian says.

Does the Ford Evo 9 hold up to the power?

“A lot of lot of factory parts on the Evo 9 hold up to the power,” Yaghoubian says. To really ensure this newest Evo 9 engine reaches its goals in horsepower and speed, Arlington went with a 72/75 Gen II Precision turbo and Sheepey turbo kit. “The car is a full race car now,” Robert says.

What is the difference between the Evo 6 and Evo 8?

The EVO 6 – EVO 8 run nearly virtual identical camshaft profiles in stock trim. There were some EVO 7 & 8’s that did run a slightly more aggressive profile in combination with a larger turbine. The EVO 9 of course, ran the new profile with its mivec cam timing set-up.

Are there any Evo tuners using Evo software?

We make one warning though – there are a lot of firms appearing these days claiming to be Evo Tuners using this software. Before getting your vehicle tuned, we recommend you find out how long and how many vehicles they have tuned. Other brands which allows retuning of the ECU, are Ecutek and Versatune.