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When should we do Sundarakanda Parayanam?

When should we do Sundarakanda Parayanam?

The best days on which to recite it are Tuesdays and Saturdays. It’s also ideal to have the Darshan of an image of Hanuman on those days. Best of all, light a ghee lamp in front of an image of Hanuman Ji, at home or in a temple, and chant the Chalisa there in front of him. Even just one of these days may be sufficient.

How many sargas are there in Sundarakanda Parayanam?

A 16-member team of Sundarakanda Upasakas recited 269 slokas from first and second sargas of the Sundarakanda comprising 2,821 slokas from 68 sargas on Day One.

When should I read Sundara Kandam?

Read the entire Sundara Kanda once in ONE full day. Read Chapter 1-35 on the first day and the rest of the chapters in the SECOND day. Read Chapter 1-37 on the first day, 37-40 on the second day and the rest on the THIRD day.

How many parts does Sundara Kandam have?

seven parts
Literally these mandaram books in seven parts, Bala, Ayodhya, Aranya, Kishkindha, Sundara, Yuddha and Uttara Kandas, each almost nearly 700 pages, are encyclopaedic in nature.

Can we read Sunderkand daily?

Sunderkand plays a vital role in improving the financial condition of a person. It protects oneself against diseases and ensures good health. Reciting sunderkand daily takes away all your fears. It makes you more confident, and you stop scaring from things that hardly matters in life.

What is Sundara Kandam Parayanam?

Sundara Kandam: Story From Skandhamana Parvatham – a mountain – Hanuman successfully crosses the Bay of Bengal. Reaches Sri Lanka and there he meets Sita. He identifies himself as Lord Rama’s envoy (Rama Dootha) and hands over his Lord’s Ring as his identity.

What is the benefits of Sundarakanda Parayanam?

Benefits of Sundara Kanda Parayanam The events in this chapter bring confidence and hope from all corners. Hanuman’s indulgence in the destruction of evils has proved that Dharma alone will triumph. People started believing in Dharma (good virtues). Only Lord Rama could destroy Adharma (all evil virtues).

How many pages are there in Sunderkand?

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Can we read sunderkand daily?