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What is log 1000 to the base 10?

What is log 1000 to the base 10?

When you take the logarithm, to base 10, of 1000 the answer is 3.

What is the logarithm to the base ten of 100000?

Precalculus Examples Logarithm base 10 of 100000 is 5 .

What is the value of log 0.00001 to base 10?

Hence, the logarithm of 0.001 to the base 10 is equal to -3.

What is the log of 10000?

1 Answer. Logarithms in base 10 (common log) is the power of 10 that produces that number. log(10,000) = 4 since 104=10000 .

What is the value of log 0.01 to base 10?

approximately −2
Log base 10 of 0.01 is approximately −2 .

What is 0.001 as a log?

1 Answer. The answer is clearly −3 .

How is Log10 calculated?

How to Calculate the Value of Log 10? The value of log base 10 can be calculated either using the common log function or the natural log function. The value of log1010 is equal to the log function of 10 to the base 10. According to the definition of the logarithmic function, if logab =x, then ax=b.

How to calculate log base 10?

The value of log 10 can be represented either with base 10 or with base e.

  • The value of log1010 is equal to 1.
  • The value of loge10 which can also be written as ln (10) is 2.302585.
  • What is the log of 100 with base 10?

    Sometimes a logarithm is written without a base, like this: log (100) This usually means that the base is really 10. It is called a “common logarithm”.

    How to calculate log10?

    Enter the number in the input field

  • Now click the button “Solve” to get the logarithmic value
  • Finally,the Log value for the base 10 will be displayed in the output field
  • How do you calculate log base?

    c = log a c and l o g a a = 1. But, to calculate logs in general there are a number of methods. For logs base e, otherwise known as natural logs, typically written ln, we have, for small x ln ( 1 + x) = x − x 2 / 2 + x 3 / 3 − x 4 / 4 +… That formula can be used together with one log fact to calcu Continue Reading Related Answer Quora User