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Where is the store on Farming Simulator 15?

Where is the store on Farming Simulator 15?

In Farming Simulator 15, west to your farm is a farming equipment supplier where you can purchase vehicles, equipment, and animals. You can access it at any time by pressing the P key.

Can you turn straw into silage fs15?

Straw can also be processed into Chaff. A chaff harvester (such as the Krone Big X 1100) equipped with a collector header (Krone EasyFlow 300) can be used to scoop up loose straw on the ground, shredding the straw into chaff. The chaff can then be deposited into a bunker to create lucrative Silage.

What is the difference between silage and hay?

Good hay is more palatable than silage due to the high sugar content and the reduced protein breakdown. The breakdown of hay in the rumen also results in a more synchronised release of energy and protein.

How do bale wrappers work?

The wrapping table usually consists of two rollers, and four belts which slowly spin the bales while the table itself revolves. As the bale turns, plastic film is pulled through the dispensing unit and wrapped tightly on the bale. When the table has revolved at least 16 times, the bale can be ejected.

What is needed to make hay bales?

Hay Equipment A compact tractor is the staple of every operation, but mowers, conditioners, hay rakes, balers, and sometimes hay tedders and bale wrappers are also needed. Pay close attention to make sure your tractor has enough engine horsepower to meet the horsepower requirement for each implement.

Is Rolling necessary fs22?

After patch they all show need rolling. I cut the grass, then used a grass roller right after cutting and they still show need rolling. You must roll immediately after sowing and before 1st stage growth.

What is a baler used for?

A Baler is a device that can pick up Straw and Dried Grass from the field, and transform them into Bales of Straw or Hay, respectively. These bales can then be picked up by a variety of machines, and used for a variety of purposes.

What is the capacity of a baler?

All Balers have a capacity of 4,000 liters, a maximum working speed of 25 km/h, and a Drawbar (Ball) hitch at the front. The purpose of a Baler is to collect Straw and/or Dried Grass from the field, and then compact them into a specific shape, called a “Bale”.

How do you pick up bales of hay?

The most straight-forward way to pick up bales is through the use of a Front Loader, equipped with a Bale Fork, Bale Handler, Pallet Fork, or any other device that might be able to do the job.

What is the difference between the two balers?

The two Balers in the game have many differences in the way they work, although the basis is very simple: The Baler must be pulled by a tractor (or other vehicle) over patches of Straw or Dried Grass that have been created by other machines. As the Baler passes, it collects the material from the ground, and compresses it into the appropriate shape.