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Who is the most famous Filipino bloggers?

Who is the most famous Filipino bloggers?

Top 5 Bloggers in the Philippines

  • YugaTech.
  • WhenInManila.
  • Our Awesome Planet.
  • Lakwatsero.

Who is the most successful travel blogger?

1. Dan Flying Solo. Dan is one of the best travel bloggers in the world, hands down. Born and raised in the UK, he is an incredible writer and photographer whose work has been featured in many major publications, including Travel + Leisure and National Geographic.

Who is the best blogger in the Philippines?

The Top 10 Philippine Bloggers

  • Vince Golangco.
  • Daniel Gubalane.
  • Mark Macanas.
  • Laureen Uy.
  • Kryz Uy.
  • David Guison.
  • Jackie Go.
  • Seph Cham. Seph Cham is from Manila and runs a lifestyle blog that covers men’s fashion, urban grooming, and lifestyle, as well as food and travel.

Do travel bloggers get paid travel?

Most of the time, travel bloggers end up making money by creating sponsored content and getting paid to go on trips. That’s cool if that is something you want to do, but that is time-consuming and requires you to be constantly working (and it’s soul-sucking).

Is it hard to be a travel blogger?

It’s quite possible to become wildly successful at travel blogging, but you need to work hard to get there. If your goal is to get rich quick and get paid to leisurely travel the world, then it likely won’t work out.

Who is the first blogger in the Philippines?

Lauren Dado
The record for oldest and probably the first blog that ever existed (which was created and maintained by a Filipino) is currently held by Lauren Dado. She was only 10 years old then. Her online journal ( was first published online on December of 1996, almost 9 years ago.

Is it too late to become a travel influencer?

It’s never too late to start – even if your account never explodes in popularity, a travel Instagram can be a valuable way to record our travels for the sake of our own memories, and consistently creating travel-related content can build followers and engagement over time to launch our travel Instagram to success.

Is travel blogging a good career?

“Yes, this can be done.” But building a career in travel blogging is not an easy game. Like any other business, it would take time and a lot of patience before you can actually see a decent income flow coming in. To come to this level, you would need a lot of hard work on your end to be done on an everyday basis.