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Why is The New York Times not loading?

Why is The New York Times not loading?

Restart your web browser If a webpage on is not displaying or loading properly, restarting your web browser can help resolve the issue. To restart your browser session, close your current window and open a new window.

How do I make New York Times my homepage on Chrome?

Click the tab marked “General.” You will see three sections in the window. The top one is labeled “Home Page.” In the box marked “address,” type our URL ( and click OK.

Can you bypass NYTimes paywall?

Anytime you hit a page on the NY Times’ website asking you to cough up some cash to continue reading, simply hit the NYTClean bookmark in your toolbar. Magically, it works and you’re redirected to a free version of the article.

Does The New York Times have a sports page?

The New York Times > Sports News.

Is NYTimes app free?

Download The New York Times for free from the Google Play Store and start enjoying The Times on your Android smartphone and tablet.

How do I make New York Times my homepage?

Go to “Tools” on the browser toolbar at the top of your screen. Select “Options” from the bottom of the pull-down menu. In the window that opens, look for the Startup area with the “Home Page:” box. Type in our Web site address or URL ( and click OK at the bottom of the window.

How do I unlink my Google and New York Times?

To disconnect your Google, Facebook, or Apple account from your New York Times account:

  1. Login to your New York Times account and go to the Email and Settings page.
  2. Select the account you want to disconnect and press the Disconnect button:

How do you get behind the NY Times paywall?

5 Ways You Can Still Get Around the New York Times Paywall

  1. Google the headline. This also works for the Wall Street Journal paywall.
  2. Use an incognito window in Chrome.
  3. Search for the link on Twitter.
  4. Use the NYClean bookmark.
  5. Quit complaining and pony up the $15 per month for quality journalism.

Will the athletic be included in NYT subscription?

The New York Times has added The Athletic to its all-access digital subscription | Nieman Journalism Lab. June 30, 2022, 11:07 a.m. Good news for sports fans who subscribe to The New York Times’s all-access digital bundle (or get home delivery): your subscription now includes free access to The Athletic.

Why does my NYTimes app keep crashing?

Clear your mobile app cache This information may be outdated or conflict with your login attempts. To resolve the issue, clear your mobile app’s cache. Note: To access your New York Times Account on, your browser must accept cookies.

How can I get NYTimes for free?

How to get a free NY Times 72-Hour Pass

  1. Click on the New York Times Digital code redemption link on the SF Library page.
  2. Click Redeem to get 72 hours of continuous access.
  3. Register with your personal email address, or click on “log in here” if you have already created an account.

How much is an online subscription to The New York Times?

Offer for a Basic Digital Access subscription is not open to current digital news subscribers. Your payment method will automatically be charged in advance the introductory offer rate of $4 every 4 weeks for 1 year, and after 1 year the standard rate of $17 every 4 weeks.

How do I get Nytimes links to open in app?

You have to tap and hold a link, then select ‘Open in “NYTimes”‘ to restore this behavior.

How do I access the NY Times?

Web Browser

  1. Select the Log In button from the top right hand corner of the page:
  2. Enter the email address and password associated with your subscription or account.
  3. If you connected your Google or Facebook account to your New York Times account, log in with those credentials.

Can you delete New York Times account?

How To Delete An Account: The New York Times won’t let you delete your online account yourself. The best thing to do is to contact customer service and have them delete your account.