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Is TQL cold calling?

Is TQL cold calling?

TQL uses multiple sales reps to cold call, some of them have been able to take no as an answer.

How do I report a TQL broker?

Contact Us

  1. Customers 1.800.580.3101, option 2 [email protected].
  2. Carriers 1.800.580.3101, option 1 [email protected].
  3. Media Contact 513.495.6767 [email protected].
  4. General Needs 1.800.580.3101 [email protected].

Is TQL hard to work for?

Work hard play hard TQL is a very fast paced industry. Naturally this makes it competitive in nature. In order to play hard you have to work hard for it. If you put in the work then you will be rewarded.

Can you make good money at TQL?

If you’re willing to make work your life, then you can legitimately make a lot of money. I work with some really awesome people and it was awesome having a free gym. But, for a variety of reasons, this job is not for most people. It has a high turnover rate; they’re honest about this.

Can I sue a freight broker?

If you broker freight, you may be sued, and probably for certain, considering the low limits purchased by even some of the larger motor carriers. A recent case, Sperl v. CH Robinson, involved a motor carrier that was under a load brokered to it by CHR.

What do you do if a broker doesn’t pay?

Another option is to file a claim against a freight broker surety bond through the Department of Transportation (DOT). Freight brokers need surety bonds to comply with DOT requirements aimed at preventing fraud and improving safety. They serve as a kind of insurance meant to protect you in situations like non-payment.

Can you work from home at TQL?

What roles at Total Quality Logistics (TQL) can work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak? You COULD do a lot of the things from home. But they mostly won’t let you on a regular basis unless there is a health issue,… Tame it.

Is TQL Fortune 500?

Fast-growing TQL may be Cincinnati’s newest Fortune 500 company, pledges to add 1,000 new jobs. Fast-growing firm Total Quality Logistics may be Greater Cincinnati’s next Fortune 500 company after disclosing its total sales nearly doubled to $7.9 billion last year.

How do I sue a freight broker for not paying?

What is a freight broker liable for?

Even though freight brokers play a limited role in the transportation of a good in interstate commerce, they can be found liable for the negligent acts and/or omissions of a motor carrier or its driver if they maintain a high level of control over the delivery, or provide the motor carrier the equipment needed to …

Can a freight company hold your freight for non payment?

Section 7-307(1), a carrier has a lien on any shipment tendered to it until freight charges on that shipment have been paid. That is, it’s within its rights to hold the shipment and refuse to make delivery until you’ve ponied up what you owe it for moving that shipment, as the final line of your note to me recognizes.

Is there a class action lawsuit against Total Quality Logistics?

TQL is fighting three class-action lawsuits over overtime, data breach. Photo: TQL The long-awaited trial in the overtime compensation class-action lawsuit brought by former Total Quality Logistics (TQL) employees has been pushed back because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The bench trial was scheduled to start on July 13.

When will the TQL class-action lawsuit trial start?

The bench trial was scheduled to start on July 13. However, Bruce H. Meizlish, the lead attorney from Cincinnati, representing former TQL employees in the class-action complaint, says a hearing on recently filed motions will be held on that date.

Was TQL employees cheated out of millions in overtime?

The complaint, filed in September 2010 in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, claims that more than 4,500 employees working at TQL’s headquarters in Cincinnati from September of 2008 to mid-April of 2016 were cheated out of millions of dollars in overtime pay while working at the second-largest freight brokerage in the U.S.