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What are math books called?

What are math books called?

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Abstract Algebra Algorithms Calculus I
Calculus II Coffee Table Differential Equations
Encyclopedias of Mathematics Foundations of Mathematics Information Theory
Linear Algebra and Geometry Mathematical Methods Number Theory
Precalculus Probability Statistics

Which is the first mathematical book?

The earliest mathematical texts available are from Mesopotamia and Egypt – Plimpton 322 (Babylonian c. 2000 – 1900 BC), the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus (Egyptian c. 1800 BC) and the Moscow Mathematical Papyrus (Egyptian c. 1890 BC).

Where can I get math textbooks for free?

OER Textbook Sites

  • American Institute of Mathematics Approved Textbooks.
  • BC Campus Open Textbooks Mathematics.
  • MIT Open Online Textbooks-Mathematics.
  • Open SUNY Textbooks Math.
  • Open Textbook Library-Math.
  • Open Textbook Store. A source for ready-to-adopt open textbooks.
  • Saylor Academy Textbooks/STEM.
  • George Mason OER Metafinder.

Who wrote the book of mathematics?

The Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Latin: “mathematical principles of natural philosophy”, often Principia or Principia Mathematica for short) is a three-volume work by Isaac Newton published on 5 July 1687.

Which book is better for maths?

Best books for JEE Main Maths

S.No Name of the book and author Book will be best for
1. Objective Mathematics by R D Sharma Basics of every topic
2. Plane Trigonometry by S L Loney Trigonometry
3. The Elements Of Coordinate Geometry by S L Loney Coordinate Geometry
4. Algebra by Dr S K Goyal Arihant Publications Algebra

What is the Bible of mathematics?

And that’s exactly what The Mathematics Bible does. It describes the history and development of mathematics in easily understood language. It introduces the most important players, societies and cultures, like the Ancient Egyptians and Pythagoreans, and key figures such as Galileo, Dodgson, Babbage and Lovelace.