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What did Medusa do to Athena?

What did Medusa do to Athena?

But Medusa being a loyal priestess to the Goddess rejected him. And what does he do about it? Rape her of course! And decided to humiliate Athena by raping the priestess on the steps of Athena’s temple.

Why did Athena punished Medusa?

She was lovely, according to the poem—until she was raped in Athena’s temple by Poseidon. Athena then punished her for this violation, by turning her into the monstrous, stony-glanced creature that we know. Yes: punished for being raped. In classical sources, in fact, she’s not always monstrous.

Why did goddess Athena get angry with Medusa?

According to Apollodorus’ version of the myth, Athena was angry with Medusa because she had claimed to be more beautiful than the goddess. In both cases, however, the result was the same. In the end, Athena turned Medusa into a figure of horror, a Gorgon with venomous snakes instead of hair.

Was Athena protecting Medusa?

Additional Facts. Wonder what happened to the head of Medusa? Perseus gives the head to Athena, who in turn places it on her shield, protecting her as she goes into battle.

Did Athena punish or help Medusa?

Medusa. The Medusa we know was raped by Poseidon in the goddess Athena’s temple. Athena then punished her for desecrating her sacred space by cursing Medusa with a head full of snakes and a gaze that turns men to stone. Then, a heroic Perseus severed the serpent-headed Medusa, turning her into a trophy.

Why did Athena curse Medusa instead of Poseidon?

The first reason for why Athena punished Medusa instead of Poseidon is: she could not punish Poseidon. After all, Poseidon was the chief god of the sea. Only Zeus could have a chance to punish Poseidon for what he did. That is not to mention Poseidon was the uncle of Athena.

Who was the god that raped Medusa?

Medusa had to swear to an eternal vow of chastity and be recognized as a symbol of purity. Along comes the god of the sea – Poseidon who rapes Medusa in Athena’s temple – the Parthenon.

Why did Athena swear to be a virgin?

Later, when he complained of a headache, Hephaestus took an axe and smacked it on Zeus’ head. Soon, Athena came out already matured and in battle suit, taking her mother’s position as goddess of wisdom. One of the reasons she became a virgin was to avoid having a fate similar to her mother, Metis.

Is Athena a virgin goddess?

Althought Athena is a virgin goddess, she mothered the god Erichthonios by Hephaestus. According to myth, she went to Hephaestus wanting some weapons forged. When Hephaestus tried to rape her, she protected her virginity and he ejaculated on her leg.

What is the real story of Medusa and Athena?

Medusa was exiled and sent to live in the hyperborean lands, where she discovered that she was pregnant after Poseidon’s attack. This situation fueled Athena’s anger, who immediately asked for Medusa to be killed. Perseus, son of Zeus and the mortal Danae, was in charge of making Athena’s order come true.

Why did Athena turn Medusa into a monster?

When Medusa had an affair with the sea god Poseidon, Athena punished her. She turned Medusa into a hideous hag, making her hair into writhing snakes and her skin was turned a greenish hue. Anyone who locked gaze with Medusa was turned into stone.

How did Athena curs Medusa and why?

Why did Athena Curse Medusa? Like many of the Olympians, Athena’s fatal flaws were jealousy and pride. Athena, who was a sworn virgin but still vain about her beauty, was jealous of how lovely Medusa was in her original form. Athena displayed similar behavior during the events of the Trojan War, when she, Aphrodite, and Hera competed for Paris’s golden apple.

Why did Athena cursed Medusa?

Most stories claim that Athena punished her for her acts with Poseidon in the temple. An alternate theory, however, is that Athena cursed Medusa to protect her from ever getting hurt again. Athena is the goddess of war and wisdom, so I find it unlikely that she would do something so rash due to her emotions.